ITAT NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2019



Getting Ready for the New Year

Happy new year! This month ITAT is preparing for a great new year! On January 18th, Bingham ITAT will kick off the new year by hosting a leadership training. This training will be for ITAT presidencies to attend.There will be several workshops designed to help ITAT presidencies

 practice leadership skills and better equip ITAT students to be great advocates at their schools and in their respective communities. 


Skyridge ITAT shares their Christmas Spirit

Skyridge ITAT performed for the rest of their schoolmates at the Skyridge High School Christmas assembly to fundraise for a neighborhood family in need. They shared their talents and brought smiles to their entire school.


                       Vaping in the news

President Trump ruled to ban e-cigarette flavors which include mint, dessert, and fruit flavored e-cigarette cartridges.This ban will be put in place as soon as Friday. Many anti-vaping companies are pushing menthol and tobacco flavors to be banned as well, so debates will be occurring this month to push for more bans. 

In addition to this great step forward, CATCH My Breath global foundation has partnered with CVS Health Foundation and Discovery Education to launch an initiative called Be Vape Free. This initiative will push for every community to have access to vaping education and prevention resources. This initiative will create education materials for as young as 5th graders. This great news means students will be educated and ready to combat the vaping epidemic! 



Tobacco Facts: 

(Utah DOH,,

​-1/3 of all e-cigarette users in the U.S. are middle and high schoolers

-97% of youth e-cigarette smokers use flavored products

-E-cigarettes cause: decreased memory/alertness, decreased appetite, increased rates of depression, increased blood pressure and resting heart rate

                                           Diabetes Facts: 

-People with prediabetes are more likely to develop Diabetes Type II and cardiovascular

-Diabetes increases risk of kidney failure

-Diabetes increases risk of heart disease and stroke

-Overweightness and obesity is connected to prediabetes

                      UPCOMING EVENTS: 

January 14th: Bingham Leadership training 10AM-2PM


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