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Parrot New Moon • December 12, 2023

To receive it, you must give it. - dé’ilché’é, the ant

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I’ve learned that the energy of the Fifth World enters our consciousness thru the West Gate. This power place in our physical, emotional and spiritual landscape is the field of our awareness. The energy is lively, not dormant.

In silent moments we are taught to be fully present, balanced, a self-contained universe acting in conjunction with other self-contained universes to create a reality of pure awareness, where every eventuality is possible through the quality of energetic interaction.

Everyday the energy washes

  • …over us, providing the active force of prophecy fulfilling.
  • The reception in our hearts protects us from the illusional fear that can block our understanding.
  • Balance is vital.
  • No change means stagnation.
  • Too much illusion creates an unsettled life.
  • We are renewed as the energetic paradym of reality we recognize shifts.
  • Do not fall prey to the illusion of frantic time.
  • This brings exhaustion, confusion and dysfunctional patterns.
  • This blocks the energies that ease transition.
  • You need daily periods of quiet.
  • Too much fear and we become stagnant.
  • Life can be seen as dull and monotonous.
  • It takes commitment to change behaviors, and be released from illusion.
  • The new energy is the new challenge, because it has never been known before.

Taking time,


honoring through ceremony and connection, brings peace.  In ancient times this was the recognized way of life. Once the two-leggeds were harmonious and healthy. This natural state of being returns as we transcend duality, affirming the wisdom of prophecy.

We develop greater psychic talents


and integrate these forces into our daily lives. It is time to be active, speak our truth, believe in the Fifth World vision, and manifest by being centered. We only make mistakes when we don’t take time to listen. We need to listen, trust, nurture, come together as one - strong in our intent.

We learn when to speak,


when to listen, when to help, when not to interfere. Balancing the energy frequencies within and without, we become strong and flexible, courageous and wise.

Gifts to You…


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As life continues its chaos across the globe, you might be asking...

  • How much longer is this going to go on?
  • What can I expect from tomorrow?

Today, I'm sharing the chovanio way of balancing life.

You will learn a simple, but important mental and emotional tool to stay grounded, purposeful and connected in every situation.

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Loko monogosee… from the light in my heart!


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The Parrot Moon Ritual Instructions…

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Love is a force we know well here!


HONORING Charla Hermann


To be honest, I think when I met Charla, it was an accident choreographed by spirits.  My first book hadn't come out yet, and I had only restarted running women's circles after a 10 year lapse as I drove myself crazy trying to be "NORMAL".  I was reaching out to women leaders at the time, and Charla graciously became one of my adopted shimas… Auntys.  At that time she was the owner operator of Hawkwind Earth Renewal Cooperative.  Since then she's founded another Healing Center, and has since retired… kind of.  You'll still find her in circle doing what we do.  Before this time, she worked at CNN, Headline News, CNN Radio, TPS syndication division, and on TBS Special Projects.  I'm grateful to have always had this woman standing with me as I grew my own life, family and practice.