DECEMBER 4, 2021

In this Lunar Cycle newsletter: Winter Dreaming; Daily Balance Practice; Paco the Parrot… and asking for help.


One reason I like Winter is that it's a time of Dreaming, a premise concept from my childhood that brings warm sensations to my heart.  When stories by the fire would take flight that imagry that would teach us kids the protocols of life, and if our elders were good at it… inspire us right to sleep.  Grandpa saw to it, I witnessed magic, and I saw to it, that I paid attention.

That time, so very long ago, was precious to me: As the world turns and people get NORMAL, I look to stories.  This lunar cycle the story of the Parrot has special significance, as much now as it did when I was a kid.  It's about the magic that can happen when we reach out and ask for help.  It's a story about love and coming together, and all things that can happen for good – when we put our minds together in co-creation.

That was then – and it's now.  For me, though, the stories aren't just stories.  They're a sign that we are reaffirming our reasons for being, and that all things can change.  Change that interrupts, renegotiates and redirects reality… if we choose.

| Prophecy: When Creator calls the Winter Dream, the eclipses usher us in, as many come to understand the cosmic significance, the opportunity to make powerful healing for humanity.

It's time to enter that very intimate space in time where the universe displays our purpose everywhere for us to discover.

When we get together in the full moon, I'll be offering our ceremonial scripting for Earth Mother to show us what she would have us know… what my Gypsy partner refers to as dik-ta-shoon:  We allow Mother to show us, without forcing the vision.  Maybe it will guide you this year; I don't know much about how you interpret these things that cannot be described.  Or maybe you're like me… and trust in what is shown.

chajala naaiisha ashne ate… healing complete we are love always.

- shima Maria



The magic we propose doesn't happen for everyone.  Our prayer/affirmations just got knocked up a notch.  Our work with morning and evening sacred words… deh saad beh… is a technique that guides and protects us.  Our practice is time when we are directly in touch with the higher self of all spiritual natures, and directly in communion with our Mother Earth.

Greet the Sun and raise your morning beverage cup to toast life and say… I came through the doorway of souls.  This doorway has been operating for a very long time, longer than time.  I am recognized in the light of the rising sun.  I am a link and transfer entity sent by the unknown magnitude of Spirit into this physical manfestation.  I am given that which I ask for.  I speak to all who will listen, as I listen to others.  The 5th World as I have imagined, is happening.  I assure others that everything is fine, even as they release stress, grow and thrive.  This is my life, this is my message.  Everything is will, and assists in evolution.  I invite other to come and begin, or resume, the Path of the Heart.  I join other to what I envision.  This then is my gift to the world in this lunar cycle.  I am a WisdomKeeper.  Thank you for another Good Day in my Life, Grandfather.


Before turning in, say good night to Grandmother Moon and affirm… 

My role in initiations of creativity, problem solving, and interpersonal relationships is vital.  I show others how not to fear experiences which might be unusual, illogical, or mystical.  I make use of my inner knowing as a source of creative inspiration and reliable information about myself and All Our Relations.  In awakening, by considering potential, I embrace life in fuller capacities.  Thank you Grandmother, thank you for this good day in my life.

And so, in a very ancient, yet simple way, we balance the polarity within us that creates chaos.  When we balance the choas within us, we find life runs smoother, easier, and the Ancestors have swept our path clean of obstacles that have nothing to do with us to start with.  We recognize what is ours and what is not, and are free to fully engage in what the universe provides us.

If you want to join us every morning for prayers and information about plant, stone and animal medicines, click here, and be sure to turn friends on to what we are doing!



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The night skies here at the ranch took on the fall colors, while the horses found some time to completely relax in the cooler weather at night.  They have a full winter coat coming in, which tells us that it's going to be cooler than we usually get it.  But that's okay with Miyoni, cause what could be better for a snow dog in San Diego than a cold winter!  With all that relaxing after Thanksgiving weekend, Linda's inner 7 year old got into decorating for Solstice/Christmas.


The Story of Paco: I want to tell you a story… It’s about a friend of mine named Paco.… Now Paco was this bird.  He lived in Truth or Consequences with our Yaya Talayamka.  It’s funny because the bird was very similiar to another story…

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