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Puma Journey Full Moon, January 6, 2023

In this YEWr Lunar Ritual, we examine the story of The Boy Who was Blessed by Puma, advance life with a healthy detox on a path few of us walk called SELF NURTURANCE, and consider the true meaning of Leadership… and how we fulfill this role in our lives.

After eating and feasting, enjoying the holiday faire, Mother has scheduled time to focus on ourselves.

How?  The Puma Full Moon of January is a time of purification and winter dream visioning as we put together the pieces of what we have been show through the Winter Solstice.  This is us designing a year aimed at much more happiness and manifestation.

My goal for this newsletter: share with you how Linda and I handle this cycle of the year.  We’ve been working for years now at fine-tuning our routines so that we can best utilize the energy the the Earth Mother provides in support.

So we begin our rituals for now, and we allow ourselves to work through the puzzle we have been provided to chart our course and begin manifesting life forward.


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The Detox Bath is one of our most important tools, especially when we're not in group ceremony with our folks.  It serves in place of four days of sweat lodge purification.  The recipe we use is 1 lb rock salt and 1 lb baking soda.  The rock salt takes the toxins out of your pores, while the baking soda kind of cauterizes, or smooths over like an invisible bandage, so the guck can't come back in for awhile. 

To this you can add music, candles, essence oils… we have a puma essence oil that Linda creates, and it gives me great courage to look at the things that I normally might like to avoid.  During this time of year, it seems with the detox, that once I do this all the pieces start coming together and easy resolution can be achieved.



These drinks literally saved my life after I was struck by lightning.  I drink two ounces of each in the morning every day, but during the Puma Cycle of time we begin our detox fast with these as our sustenance.

Protein Drink Recipe (pdf)



The protein drinks begin our 14 day fast and re-entry into eating.  At no time are we depleted, and we are always listening to our bodies.  As Earth Guardians, we understand that 80% of what we feel within our bodies is a direct transmission from our Earth Mother.  This is the truth for all human beings, whether they realize it or not, whether they can translate the communication or note.  MOTHER IS OUR MUTATOR AND INITIATOR as we become the next variation of who we are.

Our Puma Detox 14 Day Menu (pdf)



Puma: Thematic: I am completed… I am fulfilled as I embrace my role as a leader through living my example.
Activity: Integration of previous cycles.

Lodlows… Leading One Another:  We stunt ourselves when we identify with a societal norm, and cut ourselves off from others, as well as our inner, emotional selves.  We deny our own ambitions and dreams in order to live up to others’ demands and expectations of what we “should be.”  Expectations create socially rigid roles for leaders.  We give permission today to be human.

We hope you liked this edition of YEWr Lunar Ritual.  This was edited and curated by #teamshima.  Have a comment or question for shima?  Write [email protected].  chajala naaisha ashne ate… Healing Complete We are Love Always!


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