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9th May 2021

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For those who feel safe and would find it a support to come in person to church, then the church is open at 11:00am on Sunday for a family service.

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"This is how we know that we love the children of God:

by loving God and carrying out his commands."

(1 John 5:2)

The present time feels a bit like a twilight period. The night of Covid lockdowns and restrictions is coming to an end and the new day of life after Covid is appearing. Of course there are still uncertainties as to how soon and how fully this new day will come, but in this country at least things are looking hopeful.

With this new dawning is the challenge to wake up and be ready for the day. Some people find waking up harder than others and some will find the return to 'normal' difficult too! But as a whole church we need to arise from what has been a kind of online slumber as we move into this new era.

The plan for St. Luke's is that from the end of June we can restart normal Sunday Services with Sunday Club and livestreaming. Then look to an even fuller restart in September.

How do we do that? Prayer, care, share.

First of all, please do be praying for the church as a whole. There will be many challenges and opportunities and without God's help our efforts will amount to nothing. From next Thursday (13th) there will be the annual Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative between Ascension Day and Pentecost. See below for more details on how you can engage with this and please pray for the issues raised in the next two points.

Secondly, lets show care for one another. This will involve understanding and a willingness to offer practical support where we can. After over a year of many activities being closed some of our volunteers will no longer be able to help in the same way and others will need to step up into new roles. Some of the old tasks will be changed and there will be new tasks. to carry out. For example, this week we have made good progress in developing our Livestreaming set up, but we will need a team of people to operate it! At our annual meeting on 18th May, we will focus on the different roles that we need people to fill.

Thirdly, let us remember that we are called to share God's word with one another and the world around us. Over the last year we have learnt new ways to do that through technology and we will want to continue to make the most of those opportunities. Yet, as we return to in person services this is a good opportunity to consider inviting others who have shown an interest in faith over the last year to join us. Let's make the most of the opportunities we have.

Join us this Sunday for the second in our sermon series on 1 John: Love is... This week's talk is: Love is... carrying out God's commands (1 John 5:1-6)

Please read on...

  • Prayer: Urgent: Opener to send in. Thy Kingdom Come links and prayer meetings. The latest prayer requests.
  • Care: Details of our St. Luke's Annual Meeting.
  • Share: Last Sunday. St. Luke's Life Stories - Fay Hatton. A short video on Science and God. The story behind a new song for Thy Kingdom Come. 

Contributions to this week's Opener

URGENT: For this Sunday:  We need people responding to: "This is how we know that we love the children of God:" with 

by loving God and carrying out his commands.

Please send contributions in as soon as possible (by 10am on Friday). You can send them by Whatsapp (07769 871520) or by WeTransfer.com to: vicar@stlukesramsgate.org.

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. There are various ways you can join in with Thy Kingdom Come. You can check out the main Thy Kingdom Come Website for more information.

One of the challenges is to choose 5 people whom you would like to see come to know Jesus as their own saviour. Then commit to praying for those 5 over the period between Ascension Day and Pentecost.

This year at St. Luke's as we begin a new partnership with St. George's for the heart of Ramsgate, we are going to hold socially distanced informal daily prayer meetings for 30 minutes from 9:30am to 10:00am in St. George's church from Ascension Day 13th May until 22nd May, not including Sundays when normal services will be held. Everyone is welcome from St. Luke's and St. George's or indeed anyone else!

More details will appear over the coming days. Check out the page on our website...

Prayer Requests:

​​Be assured I will do my best to check that people are happy for the requests to be shared before including them. Please pray for...

  • Those elected at today's council elections.

  • St. Luke's preparations for a post-covid restart.

  • Alison's granddaughter, Lexi, who has been diagnosed with a growth on her knee. It looks like it is benign, but please pray that the surgery planned for a few weeks time will be successful and the following biopsy will show it is benign.

  • Jean Simmons - wisdom for the doctors as to the best way to treat a serious infection in her foot.

  • Katrina (Norah's daughter) having tests, because they have found a lump on her lung.

  • Joy Smithers. Give thanks for healing. Please pray for effective Physio to help her start moving again.

  • Pauline Emptage awaiting surgery on her back.

  • Collette Judge who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

  • Rosemary Ebelthite's cousin's son Grant. He is home and feeling  stronger after a change in medication.

  • Shirley Crabb that her hip operation can go ahead soon.
  • Flo Baldock still having tests and treatment for her stomach, but also struggling with a chest infection.

  • Jean Mayton, after a serious bleed on the brain recently. Give thanks that she is showing signs of recovery.

  • Nathan Court for his continuing treatment.

  • Barb (Gloria's daughter's friend) undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

  • Jeannette (Claudia's sister) undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


Annual Meeting - Tuesday 18th May, 7:30pm

We have set our Annual Meeting for Tuesday 18th May 2021. People will be able to attend socially distanced in church or join us on Zoom using the church's normal Zoom link.

This is a great opportunity to gather and celebrate all that God has been doing amongst us even in this difficult year as well as hear about some of the plans for the year to come. We will also be electing two church wardens and three PCC representatives.

The annual report for 2020 should be available soon. Visit the website for  official notices for the meeting, the electoral roll, which was revised on 4th May 2021 and nomination forms for PCC and Church Warden. The nomination forms also give details of criteria for standing for the PCC or to be a warden.


Last Week's Talk:

Love is from God (1 John 4:7-21) - Available Online

If we belong to a church does it matter if we really believe in what God has done for us in Jesus? If we have a ‘personal relationship with God’ does it really matter if we go to church? Should we just carry on watching services in the comfort of our home once the restrictions are lifted on church services? All of these questions are answered by the simple statement: “God is love.” Check out this talk to see why.

St. Luke's Stories

This page was originally set up, because Fay Hatton had said she had written a mini-autobiography. We have now been able to add this to the website. So do check out: My life from birth to the Pandemic of 2020/21 - Farina Hatton

Remember you can use this form to send in your personal reflections on your pandemic experience, which we can then publish. We also welcome mini-autobiographies and poems!

Videos to Watch

Apologetic Videos

This YouTube playlist is full of videos that look at the questions people have about whether Christianity is true. You could share them or use them as discussion starters with family or friends. Or perhaps check them out yourself to help answer your own questions.

The Story behind We Seek your Kingdom

A new song has been released alongside this year's Thy Kingdom Come initiative to the tune of Abide with Me. It is a prayer for God to work in our society. We will show the song video during our service for this Sunday, but you can check out this video which talks about the story behind it.

Finally, let's keep praying for one another and our ministry and mission as we emerge from this Covid night into a new day.

Yours in Christ,

Paul Worledge 

Vicar, St. Luke's Ramsgate