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5 Tips to Make Your Child a Reader and Create Magical Memories of Books

Reading is one of the most important skills a child can learn. It helps them know about the world around them, and it can also be a lot of fun! This Newsletter will discuss five tips that will help make your child a reader. We will also share some ideas on making reading time special and creating memories around books.

I wasn’t always the best reader. I did poorly at first, and it wasn’t until my mother inspired the reader in me that I changed directions. I still remember when she sat down on my bed one evening with a pile of books. One of them stuck out to me and remained my favorite children’s story to this day. It was Purple, Green, and Yellow by Robert Munsch.

It wasn’t the first time my mother read to me, she was always a great reader, but something about this moment and this book, in particular, impacted me profoundly. Now, I love to read. It has even helped me in my career as a writer. If you’re struggling to get your child to enjoy reading, here are five tips that may help:

  • Start Early: It’s never too early to start reading to your child. Even if they can’t yet understand the words, they will still benefit from the rhythm and cadence of your voice. Books with colorful pictures are also great for young children.
  • Make It Special: Set aside some time each day to read with your child. This can be before bedtime, after breakfast, or anytime that works for you both. During this time, turn off the television and put away all distractions. Make it a moment that you both look forward to.
  • Get Them Engaged: Help your child get engaged in the story by asking them questions about what is happening. This will help them stay focused and better understand the plot.
  • Make It Fun: Reading doesn’t have to be boring. For example, try reading aloud together and making funny voices for the different characters. Or take turns reading chapters of a book.
  • Reward Them: Children love earning rewards, so why not give them one for reading? It could be something as simple as a star chart with stickers or even a small prize like a toy or a book.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Reading is an essential skill for children to learn, and it can be so much fun. You will help your child become a reader and create magical memories around books by following these tips. Thanks for reading!

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