Ready or not, we're full steam ahead into the holiday season. I hope you had a happy and restful Thanksgiving and found many, many things for which you can be grateful. Gratitude is one of many paths to joy and even during the busiest or most difficult of times, it's possible to find things to be thankful for.

And speaking of thankful, I'm excited to announce I've signed a contract for a new crystals book (with a new publisher), and I'll be diligently working on it as we move into the new year. The focus of this book is how to bring crystal energy into your daily life and to use that energy for greater self-empowerment. Crystals are one of many energy healing practices I engage in, and I'm always happy I get to share them with others.

I was grateful last month to teach a Crystals for Healing class at Vision8 Studio​ in Portland, thanks to everyone who attended! One of our focuses in the class was creating crystal grids. Grids can be as simple or complex as you wish, and by incorporating sacred geometry with the energy of the crystals, you can bring even more power to your crystal work. Learn how to create a basic crystal grid of your own. 

With the busy-ness of the coming season, I encourage you to care deeply for yourself. Take time to engage in self-healing practices and make sure you get plenty of restful sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try some of these helpful tips for better sleep. Most of all, have a happy holiday season. I hope you all take the time to enjoy whatever your traditions are during the month of December. 


Crystal Focus: Blue Topaz

December's birthstone, blue topaz, is associated with both the heart and throat chakras. 

  • It inspires creativity and helps you bring it to expression.
  • It is a calming stone that can help you achieve peace or reduce anxiety. 
  • It magnifies psychic abilities. 

Hint: Use blue topaz to clear your emotions after an argument or disagreement with someone. Hold it in your receiving (non-dominant) hand and visualize the peaceful blue energy permeating your entire body.

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Dream Symbol: Water

Water in dreams symbolizes your emotions and subconscious. Pay attention to the state of the water, which can tell you more about your current emotional state. 

  • If the water is smooth and clear, it indicates your emotional state is peaceful and your mind is clear.
  • If the water is tumultuous, it indicates a tumultuous emotional state, as well.
  • If the water is muddy, it may indicate you can't access your emotions well or you are in a negative place emotionally.

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