Fall/Spring Work Season Recap


Chico Velo Trailworks had a productive work season in Bidwell Park! Hope you've experienced the fruits of our collective labor whether hiking, biking, or running on our beautiful trails. 

Most of our work this season focused on drainage and brushing. Proper drainage is essential to preventing erosion (think gullies, channeling, and widening) which destroys trails- especially in thin, fragile soils like Bidwell Park. Brushing is key for safety and visibility that benefits all trails users.

Trail work pauses in the summer till cooler temperatures and moisture returns in the Fall. We hope to see you all back again and have a great summer!


  • Hosted 19 work days (Oct - Jul) totaling 675 volunteer hours!
  • Cleared clogged drains on B Trail
    • Drains were built in spring 2020 and should be cleared once a year. We've already seen increased sustainability of B Trail with proper drainage and regular clearing!
  • Installed new drains and/or grade reversals on Upper, Annie B, Live Oak, & Middle trails*
  • Lots of brushing on Guardians, Bloody Pin, B Trail, Pine, & Legacy
  • Guardians back-slope and tread improvements* 
  • Rebar Training* - our crew leaders learned how to properly install rebar when needed for structural trail work. 

*We often come across rogue trail work including poorly built drains, tread changes, or other features. We know intent is usually good but encourage joining our work days to learn proper technique and approach.

HUGE THANK YOU to our volunteer Crew Leaders and the California Conservation Corp who's members have been our most reliable and hardest working volunteers!

As always, let us know if you have questions or comments about our work. If you appreciate the efforts of Trailworks, donations are always  appreciated for tools and supplies and we could especially use your time and effort in upcoming work days. Work days are posted in advance on our Facebook page as well as the City of Chico's Volunteer Calendar

Bidwell Park is a gift to our community and it feels even better to play a role in taking care of it. Thanks for your support! 

Trail work pauses in the summer till cooler temperatures and moisture returns in the Fall. We hope to see you all back again and have a great summer!


Watch our crew brush Legacy Trail!


Please consider donating your time for an upcoming Trailworks day!

If time is in short supply, monetary donations directly support Trailworks and all of Chico Velo's advocacy and stewardship programs.

Donate online at the link below or put 100% of your donation to work by simply mailing a check to:

Chico Velo, P.O. Box 2285, Chico, CA 95927



Chico Velo is looking for a General Manager to help write the next chapter for the organization. If you or someone you know values bikes, community stewardship, and advocacy- this is an incredible opportunity to combine passion and work! 

Check out the job description and learn more about Chico Velo on our website.  


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