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 Tidbit:  “a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information.” Read on for some juicy morsels.

Hooray ... it's May!

The lovely month of May! crisp days, sunshine. Reminds me of the Camelot month of May lyrics.

Who remembers that old film? (1967). Have been singing it with gusto (that’s embarrassing admission #1!). If you want a good chuckle, checkout the clips on YouTube.

Speaking of which... Did you know my sister (Julia) runs a Camel farm​ in Alice Springs? A great place for a camel ride if you find yourself in the Alice.


Current project

My new picture book is about to be released!

When we’re anxious or angry, whenever emotions ride high, the brain’s alarm bell, the amygdala, takes over. 


In bright pictures and minimal words, ZipZap Brain Snap​ explains what the amygdala is, how it evolved and why we get so freakin' frazzled. Plus there are six clever clues to defuse the amygdala alarm that you can action straight away.

This playful and informative take on stress requires little effort to absorb- you can enjoyably flick through it in the comfortable space of a coffee break.

Find out more about ZipZap Brain Snap here

Pre-order the book here

Local launch


NORTHERN RIVERS LOCAL LAUNCH at the Kyogle Writers Festival

Saturday 15th May, 2.55pm at the Sugar Bowl cafe.

Join the ZipZap facebook group to stay up to date with the upcoming LIVE-ONLINE LAUNCH PARTY, which will have prizes, quizzes, Q&A, a book reading and general mayhem.

Have a Laugh

(laughing is fantastic for dialling down the amygdala!)

My son Ned. Twenty-two years old.

Didn't know Prince Philip existed.

Thought the Queen was married to Prince Charles.

Thought Prince William was Lady Di's ex. Thought Harry's father was Prince William.

There you are!

Fun thing


This card game is a hoot. It's a silly elaborate form of 'snap'. Been playing it whenever I can find willing victims.

For wellbeing in general, and turning off the amygdala, there’s nothing like a good laugh in fun company. 


Speaking of knights, remember the song Nights in White satin from the 1970s? As an impressionable romantic teenager, I had no idea it meant romping around in satin sheets. I painted it for a Year 10 project. Yup, a line of Knights on horseback ascending a mystical mountain. How very innocent.



DIG (the film, 2021) We loved this. Emotionally nuanced, depth and breadth. Star cast. "An excavator and his team discover a wooden ship from the Dark Ages while digging up a burial ground on a woman's estate." 

A meditation audio


Reminder: A calm, soothing guided meditation on my website. Breath as focus, and some relaxing music in the background. Enjoy.

Thanks for opening the email and reading, folks, I greatly appreciate your company. Feel free to share it.

Have a great May.

Love Shakti


"When we look after us,

everyone around

us benefits"

Laugh along to a Camelot clip  (1) C'est Moi, Camelot (1967) - YouTube

Checkout ZipZap Brain Snap: Meet the Amygdala.