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  • This week I was inspired by Richard Jones. A magnificent artist who recently illustrated a book with a poet that I looked up to growing up, Ted Kooser.

Art and Creativity

Art and creativity are essential, especially when things get scary and the future is unknown. It allows us to cope with the chaos and fear in our lives; it will enable us to overcome adversity and make something beautiful out of a bad situation.

You must allow yourself to be creative and find ways to express your feelings through art, or else you'll fall into depression and isolation from others who would understand you more if they saw that side of you… and believe me, it takes courage and confidence to create and share those emotions with others… even if that means sharing them with a stranger! So I've decided, through much deliberation, that Ukraine will inspire my next piece of artwork.

The digital download below is a vector image that can be blown up to any size that you could possibly need. Feel free to use it for protest. It is based on a woman who gave a Russian soldier sunflower seeds to keep in his pocket so they will so flowers when he dies on Ukrainian soil.

I've visited Ukraine only once in my life, but I know a handful of people there, people I befriended and loved while living in Russia. And so, when recent events unfolded, I was heartbroken by the stories I heard coming out of the country: My friends Sasha and Ana were married not too long after we all spent time together in Zelenograd. Sasha was a very strong-willed, zealous, and stubborn person. On the other hand, Ana was very soft, sympathetic, and gentle —an excellent complement to Sasha's nature and personality—they were both kind-hearted and well-respected in our community. 

They recently tried to cross the border with their children from Ukraine to safety. However, while Ana and the children could traverse the boundary successfully, Sasha was stopped and conscripted into the Ukrainian army.

I can't imagine the scene. I cried when I heard of it.

The war has to end, for the sake of Ukraine, for the sake of the Russian people who are not to blame, and for the sake of all humanity.

I praise the Ukrainians for their bravery and effort to fight against a large and powerful adversary.

xx Cory

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xx Cory

Wow, a Pot of Gold
End War Before it Ends You
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