Fall 2021

Back to School

A record 57 scholarship recipients

Rise Together Education is now supporting a record 57 scholarships recipients this fall in colleges and universities! We wish our Paly grads a successful and healthy academic year. We connected with many volunteers and some of the students at the August Meet & Greet at Paly (pictured above). It was wonderful to be able to see everyone in person. 

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Alberto Salgado

Alberto Salgado graduated from Paly in 2018. He is currently a 4th year student at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. He is majoring in Community and Justice Studies.

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The most vulnerable are left behind

The number of FAFSA applications filed is down for the second year in a row. An article in Politico describes the difficulty in bringing low-income students back after the pandemic. RTE lost two students who took time off from college in 2019 because they could no longer afford it and continued to work full time.

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2020 Annual Report

We are pleased to present the 2020 Annual Report. In summary, 98% of your donations go toward college scholarships. Thank you to our supporters who pitched in during a very difficult year for all. We are grateful to everyone who was involved in creating this document, especially Paly students Allyson Lee and Paloma Raffle.   

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Volunteers: Allyson Lee, Nadia Soberg, Ben Szeto and Ryan Tanaka

We are indebted to our volunteers, supporters and the many Paly parents who donated to our Back to School fundraising drive for college scholarships. We also would like to thank Kickstart Career, the Sereno Group 1% for Good fund, Palo Alto Community Foundation, Palo Alto Rotary, Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund, and the Palo Alto Woman's Club. We also would like to thank the Parents Prom Committee for the Class of 2021 and all those who donated to the Prom and, thus, contributed to our scholarship fund. 


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