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Reminder: HCBS Mandatory Training - Due by March 31st

See the 1/9/24 provider alert about the new mandatory training requirement for all licensed providers and care staff. HCBS (Home & Community Based Services) IBL (Individually Based Limitations) training must be completed by all licensees and staff by March 31, 2024.

Multnomah County Training & Support

If you're a new operator in Multnomah County, be sure to visit the Multnomah County training page for required first-year training and operator meetings. 

Pre-Service Dementia Training

As you know, Pre-Service Dementia Training is required training for all licensees and staff working in an APD-licensed adult foster care home in Oregon. We offer a State-approved, self-pacedon-demand2.5 hour Pre-Service Dementia Training that meets the training requirements for care homes. Click here to register you or your staff to take Pre-Service Dementia training. We also offer multi-staff registration options. Please email [email protected] with any inquiries. 

Tip of the Week - Power Outages


Last month, the Pacific Northwest saw heavy snow and ice with below freezing temperatures, and many people lost power for a number of days due to fallen trees and the harsh weather elements. Certain towns and neighborhoods were declared to be in a state of emergency. 

Fortunately, there is nothing in the forecast indicating another storm on the horizon and hopefully it is all behind us now for the rest of the season, but this recent snow and ice storm is a good reminder of how weather can do some real damage and the importance of being prepared. 

As a reminder, your emergency preparedness plan must include what to do in the event of a power outage. Now is a good time to review your emergency plan and make updates, as necessary. Make sure all staff have carefully reviewed your emergency preparedness plan and have been trained on what to do in the event of a power outage. Inform your electric company if any oxygen concentrators or other electric medical equipment are in use in the care home. You may be able to get priority service in case of a power outage.

Care Home Conversations Podcast


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EQC Course Option


Do you need to take Ensuring Quality Care (EQC)? We offer a fully online, flexible option that is available year-round.

Follow the steps below to get started: 


Step #2: Register for one of our upcoming EQC preparation sessions:​​​

Step #3​: Register for the course. After you attend the preparation session, you will receive the link to register and start the course.

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