Dear Friends,

As we enter this holiday season, we send our sincere appreciation for your continued support of Escuela Cooperativa. Our tuition-free preschool in Sayulita, Mexico, serves 25 families who would otherwise have no access to an early childhood experience. Instead, they would be taking their children to work with them. Based on the Montessori model, our children aged 3-5 are learning to work together, play together and develop a genuine love of learning.

Your interest over the past two years has had a huge impact. One mother told us, "I think it's great the music class...Josue loves singing and dancing. I love that he comes home singing all these songs from school."

It's due to support from friends like you that we are able to offer enrichment programs in art, music, and yoga. The community recently requested an after-school English language program. As soon as we found a qualified teacher, the class was filled with very engaged little learners. 

Local families cannot afford to pay for this robust experience. It costs $1500 a year to sponsor one child. We hope you and your family will consider donating a portion of that to make a difference for one family here in Sayulita.

To learn more about our school, please visit us at https://www.escuelasayulita.org, and click on Donate.

Thanks so much. We hope the holidays bring you peace and joy!

Martha and Larry Casazza