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AWAKEN In Columbus
​AWAKEN: A Sensory Experience is hitting Columbus, OH. Register now for yoga and live music by DJ Reggie Fields​ to celebrate Spring, Rejuvenation, and Life.

In light of Dyngus Day Monday Mindfulness will continue next week. You can register early by clicking HERE or the photo below. MM is a weekly event that takes place virtually every Monday at 7pm ET. 


​Other Happenings
Earth + Yoga begins in Cleveland, April 30, 2022. This class offers an outdoor practice to connect with nature and stretch. It welcomes all levels. If the weather is wild sessions move online. Learn more and register HERE.

"The only thing constant is change." - Heraclitus
It's interesting that this quote by Philosopher Heraclitus is agreed upon by many, yet humans (brains) prefer to live by patterns. Change seems to cause stress, anxiety, and upset, but change can offer new insight, build strength, self-development and growth. The only pattern I ever really gave my brain a chance to attach to is the pattern of constant change. Growing up I jumped from activity to activity and as I got older, I never really felt a part of any friend circle or community so I'd just float around from place to people to place. It's allowed me to meet so many wonderful people though. And I have been able to development so my social skills. Now, here I am again in the midst of change. I'll be heading west as the year goes on. Make sure to stay connected through social media, at live classes and events, and with me for special classes and events in GatherTown! My new virtual interactive community where members will have access to Gather only classes, live events, and special wellness and beauty products. You can learn more about everything mentioned by clicking the buttons below.

Social media and events
Join me in Gathertown

See you soon! - Carmita 

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