"Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness."

Skyridge ITAT presidency after their meeting with their school principal

Great American Smokeout

   Our ITAT students were busy in the month of November celebrating the Great American Smokeout, a national day that encourages and offers support to smokers wishing to quit smoking. It is also a day to spread awareness about the dangers of smoking and vaping.  

"ITAT students compiled informative presentations explaining the background of GASO and smoking related information. After the (zoom) presentation concluded, our ITAT youth put together a Kahoot game of about 19 questions to go along with the GASO event and slide presentation. They did a good job mixing up the questions and highlight[ing] different highschools where ITAT is represented. Prizes were awarded to 1st-3rd place winners.

[They also did an outstanding job] of putting something together that would accommodate social distancing and the mandates given by the governor. Using their skills and up to date technology, they did a wonderful job doing something that would adhere to the limitations and restrictions placed upon them. These restrictions didn't stop them from accomplishing their goal and having a great time," -Victoria Ah You, Skyridge  high school ITAT advisor

Included in their GASO awareness events, they compiled videos, skits, and zoom meetings to spread the word about tobacco and vaping. 

We are so proud of all of our ITAT clubs for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue their advocacy work in their communities and schools!


Skyridge prizes for 1st-3rd place winners


1st place winner, Elijah Teriipaia


3rd place winner, Lianne Albert

📣ITAT Uses Their Voice📣

In September 2020, ITAT students participated in a leadership conference with the theme "Use Your Voice".  Their advocacy and leadership were put to the test. An incident arose at their high school. ITAT presidency, along with their advisor met with their principal to address the social injustice they witnessed toward Pacific Islander students. 

"I'm very proud of this presidency for not only what they are able to accomplish and how well they accomplish it, but for "using their voice".  Despite being very nervous to address their administration, they were well prepared, very well spoken, articulate, and fair in their assertion.  They handled themselves very well and were sure to use their voices for good.  Being willing to represent their Polynesian community in an assertive and very effective way, I couldn't be more proud!" -Victoria Ah You, Skyridge High School ITAT Advisor

    ITAT Student Spotlight: Evie Mahe

 This month, our ITAT student spotlight is Skyridge High Schools Evie Mahe. Evie is currently a senior at Skyridge High School.
She loves art, specifically visual storytelling. One of her dream jobs is to be a webcomic designer. She enjoys music, writing, and reading as well. When asked why she chooses to participate in ITAT, Evie responded:
"I participate in ITAT because I love our Polynesian culture and I want us to be properly represented. Our community has a lot of influence and I want us to use that influence for good. I believe ITAT provides the perfect opportunity for me and many others to do that. Also, I adore all of the people involved! They make it such an amazing experience and I greatly appreciate everything they do." We are so proud of you using your voice and influence, Evie! Keep up your great work!


Tobacco Facts: 

MY LIFE MY QUIT: is a new service available to teens, to assist them in quitting the highly addictive nicotine products that comprise the teen vaping epidemic. All they need to do is text "Start My Quit" 855-891-9989 to talk or text with a quit coach to cheer them on in their journey of quitting!

  • The Great American Smokeout is held every year on the 3rd Thursday of November
  • GASO evolved from a number of smaller scale tobacco quit events in the 1970's
  • The first GASO was in 1976 and more than 1 million Americans quit smoking that day

(Utah DOH,,

Suicide Facts :

  • Suicide is the 10th cause of death in the US (for all ages)
  • There is one suicide every 12 minutes in the US
  • Suicide takes the lives of over 44,965 Americans every year
  • An estimated quarter million people each year become suicide survivors (AAS).

(,, CDC):


The Pacific Islander community in Utah has the highest rates of COVID-19. Please continue to practice safe social distancing practices and wear masks in public places!

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