October is a busy, busy month for people who work in metaphysics, paranormal, and energy healing. This is the time of year when people are interested in learning about what we have to teach, so for this month it's pedal to the metal for me and many others.

I don't mind, however. I love the opportunity to share what I've learned with others because you never know what little bit of information may be the one that sets them on their own path of spiritual exploration and discovery. It's why I write, teach, and continue to share.

I'm really excited because this past weekend I welcomed seven new Reiki Master-Teachers who took my once annual Master-Teacher class in Portland. I'm deeply honored by the trust people put in me to allow me to share this piece of my life with them, and I welcome them as Reiki brothers and sisters.


Book News

Crystals Title Change

I'm excited because my upcoming book Crystals in Everyday Life has had a title change. It's going to be called The Crystal Alchemist, which I think is the perfect title! Energy healing in all its forms is a type of alchemy that allows you to create something precious in your life. I'll keep you updated about its progress and when to expect it on bookshelves. 

First Degree Reiki at Port Gamble Ghost Conference

Planning on going to the Port Gamble Ghost Conference in Port Gamble Washington November 16th through 18th? I'll be offering a First Degree Reiki class and attunement on Saturday. It's my typical four-hour First Degree Reiki workshop with hands-on practice and attunement, but it's offered at a special ghost conference price of just $20. This is a great opportunity for people in Washington to start their Reiki journey. I'll also be speaking on Saturday at the conference about energy healing.

    Upcoming Events


    Advanced Energy Healing Methods for Reiki Practitioners

    Saturday October 14, 2018 I'll be offering an advanced energy healing class for Reiki practitioners of all degrees at Vision Collective. Learn how to use other energy healing methods such as polarity therapy, crystals, sound healing, and chakra clearing in conjunction with your Reiki practice. Registration is here

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