New life, new strength

                          Trees are amazing

The strongest winds of the past weeks really only shook loose the dead twigs in the woods I am lucky enough to work in. The most delicate twigs and first leaves flexed and streamed; the flow of life within gave them great strength.  

We all need to find extra strength some days.  I'm finding that even on the darkest days, by going out to watch the leaves emerging, jackdaws tumbling with joy in the wind and finding the next sign of spring, my strength and determination renews.   
Friends remind me of the value of what I do - giving opportunities to immerse yourself in nature, watch and discover, refresh and bring joy.
So here are some new events for all ages for this new season. 


Birdsong brunch

Sunday 20 March  9am-12 noon
Wander through the spring greening woodland, learning to identify the songbirds.  About twenty species sing in this wood - learn to define their song to tell them apart - you will go

home with a guide.  Gather under the trees for a delicious farm brunch, served in style by the Bluebell Farmhouse Kitchen.  Browse the bird and nature books and soak up spring! 
£45 per person 16 plus, £40 for 12-15yrs     Bluebell Wood, Arlington


Easter bunnies
Tuesday 22 March  1-3pm

Aimed at home educated children, though everyone welcome, this session tracks rabbits into the woods to find how and where they live. Discover the natural history and folklore of the rabbit and his cousin, the hare, and make some "rabbit poo" bread on the fire (may involve chocolate!) Make your own clay rabbit to take home.  
£10 per child, 6-15, accompanying adult free;             FND fundraiser *
Interested adults without children - £9          Bluebell Wood, Arlington


Baby bunnies
Wednesday 30 March  10-11.30
Tuesday 19 April 12.45-2.15pm 

Come and play with the rabbits in the spring woodland. Peter Rabbit has lost his friends - find the tiny bunnies and build them little dens.  An Easter bunny has left a surprise for you, which you might like to cook on our campfire! Make a little woodland rabbit to take home. 
£9 per child aged 2-4     FND fundraiser *          Abbots Wood, Arlington


Up with the lark
Sunday 3 April  6am - 7.30am
Always worth making the effort to start amid the spring clamour - last year we saw a badger too!  A very gentle amble through the young woods, listening to the calls from blackcap, chiffchaff, coat tit, green woodpecker and discovering territories. A short hike up the hill to be rewarded with coffee, hot chocolate and croissants as the sun comes up and the skylarks rise.  I think it's my favourite event! 
£6 per person aged 8 to adult              Cherry Garden Road, Eastbourne


Spring Celebration
Sunday 10 April  9-12
Revel in the beauty of the white wood anemones, flecked with the first bluebells.  Learn a little of the natural history and folklore of the woods and make your own spring celebration book to take home.  Toast hot cross buns on the campfire,  and gather round the spring laden table to enjoy cheese and wild garlic toasties, hot drinks and Easter biscuits, while the wild birds sing overhead. 
£15 per person aged 8 to adult

Later with larks
Sunday 24 April  10-11.30am

If dawn is too early for you, come join me on a mid-morning mosey through the woods to learn our local birdsong.  The birds will still be singing and we'll also spot spring flowers as we go.  Enjoy elevenses of coffee, hot chocolate and croissants on the downs, with larks pouring out their song.
£6 per person aged 8 to adult              Cherry Garden Road, Eastbourne


Gruffalo crumble
Tuesday 3 May   12.45-2.15
Hunt for the Gruffalo amongst the woodland bluebells.  Tell the story as we walk into the wood with the brave mouse. Make mini homes and woodland crumbles for all the toys and and create your own crumble to munch.   
                                                     ​£9 per child aged 2-4          Abbots Wood


Dino day
Tuesday 31 May    10.30-12
Back by popular demand! Follow the footprints to find the dinosaurs hiding in the woods! Examine fossils and learn where to find them on the Downs. Make a dinosaur swamp for the creatures and create your own fossil to take home.    
£9 per child aged 2-9     Bluebell Wood 


Fairy feast
Tuesday 31 May 1pm - 3.15pm
Build an elvish camp in the beautiful, private Bluebell Woods, and furnish it with fairy fittings.  Create your own magical garden to take home, with tiny features, flower seeds, woodland finds  and your own mystical creature.    Follow the signs to find the feasting table, where you can make your own made magic potion and enjoy a tea of fairy cakes and biscuits. 
£12 per child aged 3-11                        Bluebell Wood, Arlington


Finding the words
Tuesday 7 June 1-3.30pm
Taking inspiration from The Lost Words books and songs, we will build a treasure chest of words, images and natural objects. Play with words, focus on a particular plant or animal from the Bluebell Wood, and create your personal response.
Browse the library of wildlife, folklore and landscape books to pick out imaginative ideas. If you have a favourite piece of writing to share, do bring it. Write on leaves and wood - write with leaves and wood! Immerse and inspire.  Includes a hot or cold drink by the campfire. ​
£9 per child, 9-15, accompanying adult free;
Interested adults without children - £9          Bluebell Wood, Arlington


Wood wildlife
​Tuesday 5 July 1-3     Home ed special
Discover who lives in the Bluebell Wood! Exploration, clue hunting and games, focusing on squirrels, foxes and mice - but who knows who else we might find!  Take home a little wildlife booklet to which you can add your own findings.  Drinks for all included. 
£9 per child, 4-9, accompanying adult free    Bluebell Wood, Arlington


Brilliant bugs
​Tuesday 12 July 1-3     Home ed special
The invertebrate life of the Bluebell Wood is fascinatingly rich - come and rummage under logs, on leaves, in the pond, in the meadow to find as many different kinds as we can.  What do they eat? What is their life cycle? Make a model bug to take home.   
£9 per child, 4-15, accompanying adult free. Bluebell Wood, Arlington

             To book, email sarah@cherrywoodadventures.co.uk

   Adults must accompany children - free unless otherwise stated

* FND Fundraiser - these rabbity events are fundraising for my beautiful niece, who suffers from Functional Neurological Disorder, giving her a range of debilitating symptoms.  Born on Easter Day, she has always been our Easter Bunny.  To hear more, take a look at her fundraising page


The Nest workshops

The architects CAUKIN are returning in the Easter holidays with a new project at The Nest.  My home ed and after school club children are coming to design and build extra features to make use of our outdoor space, and there will be infrastructure improvements too.   
This means we should soon be able to run extra events for all at this amazing space. 

Renew, be strong.  See you in the woods.   Sarah

www.cherrywoodadventures.co.uk         07887 556336