January 2nd, 2019


North of HWY 130 (U)

Past 24 hours: 1" Inch

Past 7 Days: 3" Inches

Current Base: 4' to 5' Feet - (6' Feet Ideal Target)

South of HWY 130 (U)

Past 24 hours: 1" Inch

Past 7 Days: 2" Inches

Current Base: 3' to 4' Feet - (6' Feet Ideal Target)


Nothing spectacular to report this week with small dustings of new snow. Reports of a solid base and good traction just about everywhere is the best news we've heard all week. Mixed rumors of 3-7" from Saturdays storm...but has not been verified by any sources. Good time to come try new places/learn the mountain, but not quite ready for any of you powder seekers right now or in the next 5 day forecast unfortunately.


Forecast for Medicine Bow Peak at 12,000'

Next 3 days: Mostly dry. Temperatures will be below freezing (max 25°F on Fri afternoon, min 9°F on Wed morning). Winds increasing (light winds from the NW on Wed afternoon, near gales from the W by Thu night).

3-6 Days: A dusting of new snow. Temperatures will be below freezing (max 23°F on Sat morning, min 1°F on Sun night). Winds increasing (fresh winds from the WSW on Sun afternoon, severe gales from the W by Mon night).


Rider Reports

12/30/2018 - Great visibility, which can be rare in the Snowies! There is still some powder (~1 foot) to be had in the way off trail areas and/or trees...but you have to search a bit. Great base for this time of year in my opinion, but I've only been coming for 3 years around this time each year. Last night (Saturday) I'd say there was a fresh 7" inches that fell overnight, so that was a nice surprise. Definitely could use a good dumping to freshen everything up, but still not bad for early in the season. See you next year!

12/22/2018 - Had a good time with some newbies. Visibility was poor crossing over the top, but once we got back to the Northwest side it was actually really nice. Probably got 6" or so of fresh snow overnight (12/21/2018). When I got the newbies centered in a local spot, I found some deeper powder in the trees. Better than expected for this time of year, but it's ready for another good dumping...hopefully soon as we are coming out next week!

12/15/2018 - The base is settling up nice with the nice weather you had last week. We were still able to find 1-1.5 feet of powder to have fun in, but it is starting to get to where you have to look a little further off trail. Our best snow was North of the Widowmaker and WSW of Sand Lake in the bowls. Looking forward to coming out in a couple weeks after you get your next round of snow!

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