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We attended the public meeting on Jan. 25th regarding House Bill 2495. There was testimony from ODHS, providers, and others. 

Here are key points below from the hearing:

  • Calculation of Medicaid Rates: This bill would require ODHS to create a new schedule to calculate Medicaid reimbursement rates
  • Support & Concerns: ODHS takes a neutral stance on the bill. There is strong support for this bill from hospitals, and there is support from SEIU 503 and county AAA officesProviders generally support the bill, but they have concerns about how the new rates will be calculated

Click here for a comprehensive summary of the meeting

Tip of the Week


Be sure to review the most recent Frequently Cited Violations Report from the State. This information is important to understand to help you focus on common areas that can be problematic, and to help you avoid violations and improve your compliance. 

See below for a summary of the top violations:

Medication Administration System

  • Health care professional orders: maintain a copy of signed orders for hospice, home health or licensed medical professional, transcribe and implement exactly as written, and include the order on subsequent medical visit reports for review. Maintain, transcribe, and follow written orders for all medications, treatments and therapies.
  • Initial the MAR immediately after administering a medication.
  • When a PRN medication is given, it must be correctly documented on the MAR, including time, dosage, reason, and outcome.
  • PRN parameters must be ordered and documented for all PRN (as needed) medications, including what the medication is for, specific dose and specific frequency.
  • List and identify all treatments and therapies on the MAR.
  • Changed orders require an order from a prescribing practitioner and must be correctly documented on the MAR. Phone orders must be followed up with a written order within seven (7) calendar days. Changes require a new, properly labeled medication container or a separate label attached to the original container.
  • Medication supplies must be available, including scheduled, PRN, and OTC medications. Attempts to re-order must be documented.

Resident & Facility Records

  • Resident records (narratives): narratives must be documented at least weekly and be signed and dated by the person writing the narratives.
  • Substitute caregiver qualifications: CPR & first aid certification must be completed within 30 calendar days of hire and kept on file.

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