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I love to make lists for some reason, and I can’t explain it. It all started with an old book called Nobody is Perfick by Bernard Waber (Lyle the Crocodile fame). It is a collection of short stories told in a sketchy comic style. The stories kept me entertained for hours as a child as I read them over and over again. One, in particular, inspired a love for lists. The story is called “Top Ten.” Two friends engage in conversation. One of them is making top ten lists, and the other doesn’t understand it. Top Ten Lists seem like a joke until the list maker decides to cross the other off her ten-best-friends-of-the-year list for calling her silly. Suddenly the list becomes much more impactful.

My Top 10 of 2021 in Literature (Not all published this year):

If any of these books spoke to you, let me know! You can reach out to me here.

Also, you may have missed a free maze game that I published on my blog. Download it here​.

Happy Holidays! I will write you again in the new year.

xx Cory

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