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MaY Magic and Movement

Dear Friends,

How are you doing? I ask this question with a compassionate and caring heart feeling your heart and knowing this time hasn't been easy.

We are all experiencing major adjustments to our life as we learn to navigate the pandemic. There are hopeful days, extremely challenging ones and those that are just downright heartbreaking. As each day unfolds, I wish you the best possible outcomes for all that you are experiencing and managing.

Somehow we will get through this, yet it will be because each of us, doing and being our best. Your inner leader is needed more than ever.

For now, as May arrives, let's take in the energy we can access with spring in full swing to fill our hearts and lift our spirits up.

I'd like to invite you to tap into the energy of May which has a magical flare in how flowers bloom right before your eyes and trees burst into rich green foliage overnight. May carries an expanding energy.

May brings enchantment as May Day rituals and fire festivals of Beltane are celebrated today honoring fertility, new life and the needs of community. 

May ushers in movement. Movement towards experiencing areas of expansion and spiritual growth. A time when we can feel the need for rising up, levitating our Source-self to new levels of being and living.

There is a magical overtone to May. You feel it in the warm breezes, you see it in an array of new growth in plants and trees all around you, you sense it in the hope that arises in your heart for better days ahead.

There is another magical movement inside of you. It’s called your inner leader. Your inner leader nudges you daily to create a different type of earth experience. Your inner leader gets you to move, shake and shout by indicating temperatures ranging from heat of your heart’s passion-voice to chills from you inner knowing and connection with Divine.

Your inner leader knows your truth. Your inner leader loves you just the way you are and serves to bring you back home to loving yourself. Your inner leader guides you to believe in your wholeness instead of your brokenness.

Your inner leader authors a new "YOU" story; one that focuses upon being good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough and strong enough.

May magic energy is here and activates your inner leader. Breathe it in as the sun rises and sets. Sit under a blooming tree. Pick a beautiful flower. Listen to the birds returning and making new nests. Feel the green grass under your bare feet connecting you with the heart of Mother Earth. 

You create your own wonderful swirly, twirly magical movement daily by just being here, by being your unique and authentic self.

Your inner leader light never goes out yet it needs movement and energy to shine even brighter. Keep moving. Keep breathing deeply. Keep the faith and trust flowing. Believe in YOU as you embrace the magic of May.


Let's Chat!

Let’s make magical movement together during this time when intuition and wisdom are needed the most; as we witness broken systems, broken hearts and broken lives beckoning our inner leader to start building and creating now. 

Our souls remind us it is what it is and our spirit inspires us to change what we can. Even the smallest changes will result in making significant differences.

You can make these changes with your inner leader fully activated and connected to ABOVE with Divine, all that is WITHIN you and living a fulfilled life on EARTH-below; bringing forth a balanced and beautiful AWE-You.  

For the month of May, I’m offering complimentary 30-minute heart-to-heart inner leader chats. With your heart doing the talking, we can explore your unique inner leader journey and guidance for you during this time.

And if you want to start moving, building and creating with your inner leader immediately, book an insightful and uplifting intuitive reading!

As a special bonus offered, during this time when we need greater connection and understanding, every intuitive reading will include a follow-up integration session 7-10 days after your reading. It’s like getting a free dessert after your inner leader birth-day dinner!

Intuitive readings help you create magic in your life by connecting with your heart's intuitive intelligence, listening to your soul's wisdom and renewing your spirit. After all, you do hold the magic wand.

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During this pandemic in our world, may you be safe, may you stay healthy, may you stay strong in spirit and wise in your words and choices.

Many blessings filled with love and peace,


Inner Leader Movement Founder
Spiritual Intuitive
Author, Mentor and Fun Activist 

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