Alpine Paired Dinner featuring Uplands Cheese

 We are really excited to announce our next paired dinner on the patio. Our menu explores the Alpine regions of Europe (and beyond) while featuring locally-sourced meat, cheese, and produce.

 Uplands Cheese in Dodgeville, WI only produces two cheeses: Pleasant Ridge Reserve from May-October and Rush Creek Reserve in November. Even so, Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the most awarded cheese in American history, having won the American Cheese Society's Best in Show three times, as well as the US Cheese Championships in 2003. Cheesemaker and co-owner Andy Hatch will join us to talk about his cheese, his farm, and anything else he thinks off.  

 Andy also raises hogs, and he will providing the pork for our main course. These pigs are special as part of their diet consists of whey leftover from making their cheeses. 

 Plus, Jules Mons from Mons Fromagier + Affineur will be in attendance. Jules is the grandson of Mons founder Hubert Mons, who from a humble beginning selling cheese at a roadside stand went on to create the premier affineur in France. An affineur is entrusted with cheeses from various producers, and their task is to age the cheese to perfection. Additionally, Mons produces cheeses of their own. Jules has graciously selected the cheeses for the cheese plate and will be speaking about them. 

 And to gild the lily, the importer of two of the wines will join us for the evening. 

 The menu is below. 


 In addition to open air service, all tables are adequately separated for the safety of our guests. Every reservation, whether for two or six, will have their own table. We encourage attendees to bring a jacket as the evening cools off a little after sunset.

 The five course dinner is $75 per person which includes tax (tip is extra). The meal begins at 6pm with doors opening by 5:30. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 563-245-1992 or emailing info@scheras.com. Please inform us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions when you make your reservation. 

 Hope to see you there!