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May 19, 2023



Coyote Way New Moon

In YEWr Lunar Ritual this Cycle, What happens when…, A little over a century ago, in correlation with Earth’s masterful manifestation … and Marry yourself and find polar balance!


What happens when a Coyote Spins Time, and you know someone named Black Coyote?

For years, the main partnership in my life next to the Sacred Parents, has been my helpmate… housthé Linda, aka Black Coyote.  Is she the embodiment of an entity that drifted through my life changing experiences early in childhood?

She came to me when I was five, and technically, she wasn’t born yet, there would be many more times, ending around the time I was 17, and our actual physical meeting in 1994.  Dare I say that the fate of Yraceburu EarthWisdom changed drastically with this dream the manifested… that’s called a prophecy fulfilling. 

Ever had anything like that happen to you?

Spin: At the top, Linda dancing a Coyote Healing; a sacred tablet that provides the history of the Coyote Clan from Yellow House Ruins.  Above, the increasing low latitude of the aura borealis effect and the latest eclipses, provide an invitation into the portal where Coyote and Wolf Call for us to enter– and Deer awaits us on the other side in what culminates in our returning home.

The Way of the Trickster

  • With our Spirit Guide’s guidance and reliable counsel we embrace wholeheartedly to re-pattern our love and our lives in a harmonious flow of interaction with All Our Relations. 
  • We find security in the dance. 
  • The secrets of our conscience are revealed thru the ethers of time. 
  • We release our need for outside verification of importance from others, and peacefully are empowered by our knowing the truth within our own hearts. 
  • We become sincere and authentic in our actions of co-creation.
  • A little over a century ago, people recognized the rainbow as the most powerful symbol of Creation and that its visual manifestation suspended all thought transmissions, resulting in a metamorphosis healing for the planet Earth.
  • They did live by the inspiration of metaphoric existence. 
  • Today, such ideas are allegorical legends, associated with prophecy. 
  • For, over the greatest problems of Earth, our knowledge about our Earth Legacy is transforming.



we transmit the message: and mission, the first two details appear in a quickening process, then the stimulating forces of the rainbow colors permeate our heart centers. The third eye and navel chakra (kyong) begin to hum.  Their stimulation begins our patterned purpose, enabling a direct and simple expression of childlike faith.  The belief that humans pattern life in correlation with Earth’s masterful manifestation capabilities – 13:20 times the isolated human capacity – it is possible to co-create a reality of peace-filled existence.

Click for pdf: Marriage to Self Ritual


This celebration


is the continuing story of evolution.  This ceremony is our relationship with All Our Relations within the Great Sacred Circle.  This celebration represents the cycles of all things in the Universe.  No beginning.  No end.  The eternal continuation.  All Life is Sacred.

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May Our Love Be Strong


May trust never be broken.  May our words always be true.  May our eyes see truth always.  May our ears hear only good words.  May our hearts touch one another.  May our souls forever be one.

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