We were thrilled to host you at our Guest Open House!

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come learn more about the San Diego Chorus. Would you do us the favor of taking a few  minutes to complete this short survey to tell us more about your experience?

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Planning to return? 

Here are some resources that will help you start strong. We would love to welcome you back at next week's rehearsal! If you plan to continue your audition process, you'll find learning tracks and downloadable PDFs of music for our two audition songs, Smilin’ Through and A Wonderful Day, on our Member website.


Our director Kathleen Hansen offers free warmup videos on YouTube that we all find very useful. They are especially helpful for warming up before rehearsals and developing a personal practice routine.

You'll hear about a practice app called TE Tuner that our singers use a lot. We recommend that you download it to your phone. You may also watch this tutorial to learn more about why it's so helpful!

Questions? Please reach out, we're here to help and you never have to navigate alone! Our New Member team usually arrives early to rehearsal (between 6:15-6:30 p.m.). This is a great time to stop by with in person questions. You can also click below at anytime to send a question via email.

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Let's talk more soon! We would love to welcome you as a new member of the award-winning San Diego Chorus.



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