One Block at a Time


Six Halves Make a Whole Starburst

Today everyone is taking things one step at a time. Everything seems to be a bit unknown. But one thing we can do is use this time to make one block at a time in our quilting world. 

Those of you who have been following me for a long time know that I usually purchase fabric one half yard at a time. I've been creating patterns in the Six Halves Make a Whole series since 2007. Each pattern starts with 6 half-yard cuts and goes from there.

Starburst is just one example of how to put together a small collection of fabric with a couple backgrounds to make a quilting statement. This quilt is a collection of 7 blocks, repeated 4 times to create symmetry.

Once you have the pieces cut, you can sit down to your sewing machine for a few minutes and create. In no time you will have a large lap quilt. 

How are you spending your creative time? One block at a time?

Happy Quilting,


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