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It's hard to believe, but it is the last day of school. I imagine that you are all walking around with big smiles on your faces and happy thoughts in your brains. Congratulations you made it. It's summer time.

I want to say thank you to all the people that have helped me this year. To also acknowledge all our VTA members for doing the good things that you do. The dedication of VUSD teachers is truly awe-inspiring. It has been a pleasure to represent you as your President this year and I look forward to an even better year next year.


Tod Critchlow                                                       President



Congratulations to the 32 teachers retiring from VUSD today. As a retirement gift, the Vista Teachers Association would like to pay for your first year of CTA Retired membership dues. 

click here for an enrollment form. Please fill it out and return to the VTA Office to take advantage of this opportunity.

Again, Congratulations and Best of Luck!


Next Year

The first day back is Monday, August 15. This will be a district professional development day. This is a normal work day and if you are unable to attend you should use the sub system, but be sure to note that no sub is needed. Tuesday, August 16 will be a site day. By contract you are to attend a 90 minute staff meeting first thing in the morning. The rest of the day is yours to prep and plan. Again, if you are absent you will need to call the subsystem, no sub needed. The 2016-17 school calendar has 182 instructional days and Wednesday, August 17 is the first day of school.


SD Association of Educators PAC

County Office of Ed Elections

June 7th is election day in California. While there are a lot of important races on the ballot I want to draw your attention to one in particular. Next week we are voting on 4 of the 5 seats for the county office of education school board. This is an incredibly important race to county educators. It is the county office of ed that sets policy, approves budgets and oversees local school boards.  We need to be sure that the candidates that get elected have education and our students as their top priority. There is a big money funding the opposition. Please look up the candidate for your area and vote for one of the following next week.

Gregg Robinson - District 1

Guadalupe Gonzalez -District 2

Mark Anderson - District 4

Rick Shea - District 5

District Map


July 31-Aug 4 UCLA

(Los Angeles, CA)

CTA Summer Institute

The premiere workshop of its kind, the Summer Institute, July 31 - August 4, offers sessions in areas that assist chapter leaders in the day-to-day representation and support of members. Sessions include Communications, Instruction and Professional Development, Emerging Leaders, Bargaining, School Finance, Healthcare Benefits and Issues, Legal, Member Benefits and Community Engagement.There are still a few openings if you are interested in attending please contact the VTA office.


State Council

This will be a big year for CTA as we move forward with pro-education legislation and the campaign for the California Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act, which would extend the current income tax rates on the wealthiest two percent to prevent cuts to education and children’s health care. CTA is rigorously democratic. Its structure gives members the ultimate voice in what the Association does. By secret ballot, you and your colleagues elect the 760-plus members of the State Council of Education, CTA’s highest governing body. Meeting four times a year, State Council sets policy for the organization, adopts the budget, determines dues, recommends expenditures to the board, elects the executive officers and other members of the board of directors and performs other similar duties.

Your State Council Representatives:

Tod Critchlow

Reagan Duncan

Paula Keen

Therease SilvaBaroa (Alternate)

NEA Representative Assembly

This year VTA is sending two representatives to the RA. The RA will be held in Washington DC from July 2 - July 7. Teachers from all over the country will come together and set policy to guide the NEA. Paula Keen and Kim Lunde will be representing VTA and Reagan Duncan will also be attending as a CTA State Representative


VTA Scholarship Fund

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the VTASF. The VTASF has provided $713,000 to approximately 1800 students, including $40,000 awarded this year. This worthy charity is entirely supported by Vista Educators. The VTASF is a fantastic way to show our support for the community of Vista and the students of VUSD. Please consider signing up for the automatic payroll deductions that can go straight to the fund. Dependants of VTA members are also eligible. 

Vista Teachers Association  

Your Voice, Your Union