Dear friends of Virtuosity and welcome to our new subscribers. 

Our beautiful winter trees are flowering currently. I love the yellow wattle trees and Camelias in our Institute garden, herbs and salads are also growing well. 

Melbourne / Australia is again in a 6-week lockdown. It does not affect our Institute work that much as most of our clients are located all around the world anyway. 

-Nevertheless, many people are desperate and fearful or feel simply unsure. Today I have compiled a blog which can give us hints how the help from the Hereafter works ​and how we can connect with it.

-Our internationally accredited training in BioMagnetic Healing with Hands is still offered as the Coronavirus Special with lower training fees. People who are very severely affected by the situation, for example lost their job or experience financial hardship, please write to us personally to get a further cost reduction of $ 100. Payments can also be completed in installments.

-Our EFT Healing Light Tapping Training is also immensely popular at the moment, especially from parents who want to help their children also special needs children with stress symptoms. See payment link below. Or visit the EFT page with general info. 

-For parents with Special Needs Children the following might be of interest. I have received a nice feedback last week. A new very talented Healing with Hands Practitioner called me to let me know that since she completed her training,  she has been performing daily distance healings (Canada to the UK) for her 6 year old granddaughter who is suffering from autism. At first there was an initial worsening, and the girl had up to 6 temper tantrums every day. This has now decreased significantly to just one outburst daily. Also, the girl slowly begins to form words to the great joy of her parents. The girl's situation improves every day.

As an added bonus, my former student explained that the mother of the girl who is sleeping by her side every night while the girl receives the Distance Healing Session, also experiences bonus blessings. She reports that she sleeps very well and her own body aches and pains completely disappeared. -😊

So I wish you all a safe and healthy time and leave you with the words of Henrik Ibsen

None of us can do anything other or anything better than realise ourselves in spirit and in truth. Henrik Ibsen


Published July 21, 2020

What we human beings can observe for ourselves - if we take note of the...

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