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Cory's Pinecone Mound

​Look at the treasures I found:

  • There is a new coloring page for you at the bottom of this newsletter. Say hello to Narwhal!
  • I made a video about using my digital files if you want to color on an iPad or other drawing device.
  • Storyland! It is time to take a trip to Minnesota.
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Taking Inspiration From Nature Around You

When I take inspiration from the nature I find around me, I develop a closer relationship with it. So, likewise, when I include elements from my environment, it becomes a tribute to the world.

Here are some fascinating ways nature has inspired my art:

Dendritic Patterns

Mother Nature creates dendritic patterns when water rich in manganese oxide and iron oxide enters the microscopic crevices in rock. Manganese oxide is responsible for the black designs, and iron oxide is responsible for the red.



Juniper plays a significant role in my imagination and childhood memories. The shapes of the trees are mesmerizing and beautiful.


Black-Eyed Susans

The plants that I draw most often are blackeyed Susans, and occasionally, dandelions. Black-eyed Susans create fascinating landscapes, especially in the Fall and winter months when the empty black buds stick out among the grass.


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