Self-kindness Bootcamp, Shakti Burke

What's your first reaction when life goes pear shaped?  

Do you stamp and swear, blame yourself or blame others?

Of course you do!

Me too!

We're hardwired to launch into self-critical or victimising-others headspace 


  • plans fall apart
  • expectations aren't met
  • we’re treated badly

It’s not reeeeally our fault.

But hey (you know what's coming don’t you ... )

A best-practice scenario is waiting in the wings … and its name is self-kindness.

Training in speaking to ourself kindly is first in a suite of strategies that can pull us out of the poo when life is a stinkin' douchbag. Or just a mean weasel.


Self-kindness is quite the best-kept-secret!! 

We don't talk about it much, we didn't learn about it at school and it's not something we value in our fast-paced competitive world.

Until now. Clinical research is proving its benefits, and you can be ahead of the pack as the brave innovative person trying it out.


** headsup **

My Joyfulmind Self-kindness Bootcamp launches this week!

(that is, officially launches but psst, you can jump on right now if you're ready!!!!)

So excited!! 


I’ve greatly enjoyed putting together this easy-to-use self-paced series of short video talks and practices that won’t break the bank ($47 during February) or take up a whole lot of your time (2-3 hours to do it justice).

I’d love you to make use of this helpful resource!!!

(Before the price goes up in a few weeks time!)

Jump onto the Self-Kindness Bootcamp ( to enrol or find out more!


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

love, Shakti xx