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Explore Like a Child

I generally resist the notion that children are born with innate abilities that we should strive toward because they are often anecdotal, not grounded in reality.

But I think watching children explore art and accept it for what it is, is inspirational. Don't get me wrong, I think you and I could draw like children with no problems at all, but we have trouble accepting our art, whereas children will look at a giant scribble and say, "That is a cow, and I am proud of it."

When children explore art, they test the possibilities of abstraction and expression without judgment.

The best way to engage in this practice as an adult is to keep a sketchbook or notebook that you DON'T plan to share with anyone. Allow yourself to stay loose and free. You may even choose to thank yourself at the end of a session for what your art showed you today.

Don't use references! Instead, use prompts.

Here is a list of prompts to guide your exploration this week. You may use them as writing or art prompts, and you can even give them to your child for their practice.

  1. Yesterday my imaginary friend came back.
  2. I got tired of burying fish.
  3. This is my last pair of socks.
  4. Then it carried me away.
  5. It came from between the pages of a book.
  6. I was the only one not allowed to use magic.
  7. You've never seen me in the woods before.

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