Newsletter #12 - August 19 2019​​


What a week!

Traction has definitely been gained over the last seven days. There is interest starting to come from segments of the mainstream media as they pick their way through the 21 candidates for this years election. 

I can kind of understand where they are coming from in regards to their choice of who they will run stories about, but at the same time it is very frustrating. When you have 21 candidates with many of them seemingly doing it to gain exposure for themselves or their cause rather than actually campaigning seriously for the job, the media is being understandably cautious.

The good news is people are taking me seriously, and realising that there is a viable option in the race, willing to stand up and have a shot - and it's fair to say last week was a very good week in regards to that.   

The road signs go up this week - we had some logistics issues, but it's all falling into place, and I reckon they'll have more impact as I put them beside the other candidates....

This week's newsletter is very short, in fact it pretty much just focuses on one particular topic - my first Mayoral debate. So let's get on with it. 

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The First Debate.

Completely blindsided. That is the best description for last Friday's Mayoral debate run by Grey Power North Shore. Let me give you a brief run-down.

It started with me arriving nice and early, and setting up a livestream camera, then chatting with the organisers.

As the 1pm start time rolled up, so too did John Tamihere and Phil Goff - complete with their entourage handing out flyers. I will at this point give myself a brick bat, I left all my cards in the other car and had nothing to give out to the crowd.

Genuine rookie mistake, won't happen again!

We all wandered on stage, and I was ignored aside from a quick hello handshake. I have to assume they knew nothing about me, and had probably done little to no research. It also meant they weren't prepared.

Immediately after the event I suspect the research was fierce. 

It started with an introduction by Bill Rayner the Chair, followed with the opening speeches. Goff, JT, then myself. Goff apologised that he wouldn't be able to stay long. After his opening lines JT had his turn. I'm not being unkind when I say they rambled and waffled and went off point. But that's ok, it was my turn next.

I'm not going to tell you what I said, you can watch the YouTube link below, but I will say this - I got the applause, and I got the salvo away. During my speech Phil was taking lots of notes, he even laughed when I got to the point about policies - but he went deathly quiet after I explained my reasons. 

After the speech Goff was going to leave, but he delayed his departure two or three times - my best guess - he suddenly realised that it wasn't about him and JT and he is experienced enough to know that he needed to maintain an appearance. 

Following on from the speech were the questions, both from the Chair and the floor, I am extremely confident to say that I believe I won the day.

Both JT and PG left immediately after the end of the meeting, I stayed back and was swamped by the guests, I couldn't keep up with all the questions and support being shown. I was also the last to leave - and that's how it should have been.

JT and PG will both be changing their campaign rhetoric now - expect a lot more of the words "Leader" and "Leadership" to come out of their camps due to my blindsiding them with the "Dictatorship" labels. 

So below are two links. One is for the entire debate, and the other is a shorter version of just my Speech. The full version has low audio for the first 8 minutes but then it comes right. I hope you enjoy them.

I'm disappointed. Genuinely.


For the second elections in a row, there will be no contest for the Councillor position in the Franklin Ward. I struggle to comprehend that out of approximately 80,000 residents, no-one was willing to put their hand up.

They may not have won, but it keeps democracy fresh and working properly. 

I do hope this is different in 2022. 

I can fix it!


Just so you know, I've prepped.

Duct tape, glue gun, cable ties.

I will be able to fix many of Auckland's woes with such items.

We must maintain the fun!

Upcoming Appearances:

"Meet the Candidate" meetings and debates. If you want to attend and need more detail on them please get in touch contact@craiglord.nz

August 20 - Kumeu Rotary

August 26 - Titirangi Residents and Ratepayers

August 29 - Student to Candidate Q&A - Manurewa High School

August 30 - Wellsford Landowners and Contractors Protection Assoc.

Sept 2 - STUFF NZ - Livestream via Stuff website 6pm

Sept 4 - Rainbow Auckland

Sept 6 - Karaka Residents and Ratepayers

Sept 10 - Public Transport Users Association

Sept 16 - Auckland Ratepayers Alliance

Sept 23 - Milford Residents Association

Sept 25 - JP Commission / Anti-Poverty Commission

Sept 26 - Samoan Business Network

Sept 27 - Grey Power Howick / Pakuranga

Sept 29 - Massey Settlers Association

Sept 30 - Kohimarama (and Eastern) Residents Association

Alright, that's it for Newsletter #12

Have a great week, I'll be in touch again soon.  

Thanks so much for your interest - and please if you have any questions, feedback or fights you want me to join you on please do not hesitate to email.


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