July 2021

Integrating Motivational Interviewing and Brief Behavioral Activation Therapy: Theoretical and Practical Considerations

Here is another study lending support to the effectiveness of Integrating MI with other modalities, in this case BBAT.  Just think of how awesome it would be if all of the medical providers out there were trained in MI and were able to use it, as it is used in this study, to help individuals with their ambivalence about getting therapy to address their mental and other health concerns. Read more here.


Children's self-esteem establish by age 5!

Molly McElroy with the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences writes more about the study by University of Washington researchers that found that by the age of 5, children already have established their self-esteem. Visit this link to read the full article.


Acute Traumatic Incident Training

Empower TCT, LLC will be offering another opportunity for this special training on September 17, 2021 for direct staff who are interested in learning a crisis intervention technique to be able to use with their patients/clients, etc. Training includes both CID and A-tip protocols. Training is limited to 20 people at this time. Read More

Integrating EMDR into Your Clinical Practice - 2 Parts

We will host our 2-part Basic EMDR trainings via Zoom on August 20-22 (Part 1) & September 24-26 (Part 2), 2021. Seats are limited so be sure to sign up and reserve your seat today! 
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Advanced Motivational Interviewing

On September 10 & 14, 2021, we will host our Motivational Interviewing (MI) Advanced Training Workshop via Zoom. Discounts available for groups of 4 or more or when you sign up for both the Introductory and Advanced Trainings! ​
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What's New in JULY?


What it means to be a MINT Certified Trainer

*We wanted to highlight and explain more about what it means for Larisa Traga to become a MINT Certified Trainer. Larisa went through a very long process of recording her trainings. During the application process, she was required to indicate how she met all of the requirements to meet criteria to become MINT Certified. Currently, the highest recognition that is attainable as a trainer is MINT Certification. Congratulations, again, to Larisa!


The NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, will be holding their virtual Annual Conference from October 28-30, 2021 in which Larisa Traga will be speaking during this exciting event! 

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Resources for You!

We have compiled a list of resources that you may find useful. Click here to learn more!

Free Highly Sensitive People Resources


We are a proud affiliate of Julie Bjelland LMFT and want to share her free resources for highly sensitive people with you. She has a Sensitivity Quiz, HSP Podcast, HSP Blog, and more! Read More  

Also, check out Julie's courses that can benefit you if you are struggling with what is happening around you and you feel that you are more sensitive than other people. Read More 


Intensive Gambling Treatment

Refer CalGETS clients to get intensive outpatient and residential treatment. Call CalGETS at 1-800-GAMBLER or for those in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or Ventura Counties, call us at 805-266-3231.
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Intensive and Residential Services
Comparing EMDR with TF-CBT for treatment of PTSD.

Francine Shapiro's Library

Are you practicing EMDR with your patients? Are you curious around what disorders you can treat with EMDR? Check out this link for Francine Shapiro’s library to find out more!


Virtual Introductory Motivational Interviewing Training

Thank you to all of the attendees that joined our Introductory Motivational Interviewing Training class!

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Special Topics in MI

In the Fall of 2021, we are planning a training for special topics in Motivational Interviewing.



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