“We open the door of the unknown

together. We invite each other

to experience the miracle 

of being."


~Guillermo Cuellar


Hello Friends,

This is a ***LAST CALL*** invitation to the upcoming Spring Virtual Retreat on May 15th from 10:00-12:30pm PDT. Sending out this little reminder to  register by May 1st to be able to join. A sense therapy gift bag will be sent to your door prior to the retreat so the cutoff is to ensure that it gets to you on time! Until then, you can look forward to receiving the following goodies that we'll be using throughout the retreat: 

  • 🌿  Herbal Teas (Pukka Teas) 
  • 🌿  Relaxing Essential Oil Blend (Floracopeia) 
  • 🌿  Daily Massage Oil (Banyan Botanicals) 
  • 🌿  Kitchari One-Pot Meal Kit (Divya’s Kitchen) 

If you're not able to attend the retreat live, a replay will be available so you can carve out a time that works best with your schedule. I'm also encouraging "low maintenance" virtual mode during the guided practices so you can choose to have your video on or off, take your device outside somewhere beautiful, etc!

More info about the retreat can be found below, as well as a Sugar Scrub Recipe for pacifying kapha dosha during this spring season.

If you're feeling the pull to dive deeper within and create space for yourself to really slow down and reset, I'd love to see you on May 15th! Feel free to message me with any questions and thank you for passing along and sharing this with anyone you think may be interested.

I'm now on Instagram too! 

See you in the ethers, 



Spring Home Retreat

Gentle Movement Meditation ~ Ayurvedic Self-Care ~ Yoga Nidra 

May15th, 2021 from 10:00-12:30pm PDT

Must register by May 1ST at caminagillotti.com/retreats. Scholarships are available upon request. $55 (includes a $30 Gift Bag sent to your door!)

Dedicate a half-day to yourself for quiet reflection, simplicity, nourishing foods, and yogic practices to support a smooth transition into the warmer months. 

Whether you're a yoga practitioner or new to these practices and want to try them out to reduce stress, know that all levels are welcome!  

This retreat can be extended into a full-day experience by using the meal, additional recipes, and reflective journal prompts provided. 🤎 🤎 🤎


Brown Sugar Body Scrub 

Exfoliating the skin and moving the lymph always feel so good! This sugar scrub can be made in a matter of minutes and quickly enhances your shower or bath experience. 

In Ayurveda, spring is kapha season when the earth and water elements are increased. This applies to our bodies and minds as well. We may feel sluggish and heavy this time of year, despite the increase of light and warmth. Excess water element may show up as allergies, runny noses, water retention or swollen joints to name a few. Keeping the rivers of lymph moving is crucial and that's what this scrub is intended to do. It will also leave your skin smooth and hydrated! 

As for essential oils, the world is your oyster, but here are a few that will  reduce kapha and be a little more stimulating to the circulatory system: grapefruit, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar, birch, myrrh. Stick with one of your favs or blend a couple together! 



  • 1/3 Cup, Organic Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup, Organic Jojoba 
  • 10 Drops, Essential Oil

Mix all of the ingredients together in a small metal bowl that you can take into your shower. Rinse, soap off, and then massage the salt scrub into the skin all over the body. Once the sugar starts to dissolve, make sweeping strokes towards the heart for lymphatic drainage. 

Pat dry with an old towel to keep the oil on the skin (the oil will stain your fabrics). Wipe down your shower or tub so you don't don't slip next time, and you're good to go! 

I like to make a small batch to use the same day, but you can always make a bigger batch and store in a cool place. Enjoy. xo 

*image by Karen Prosen / sugar scrub photo by Sarah Blooms​  


"Harmonize With Nature, Walk A Path Of Balance"