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A Message from Bill Yacopucci -

Chair of the Board of Directors...

Getting Warmer... 

Think of how the seasons affect us.  Winter, cold and dark, seems to go on forever!  Around February we see glimmers of hope - with a day in the upper 50s - only to have those hopes dashed as it  hovers around 12 degrees for the next couple weeks!

Well, starting a makerspace can feel like that sometimes.  We get really close to what we think will be a perfect location for our space. Then we discover all the little things - that aren't always so little.

This building is great, but what is this?  Asbestos tiles! 

Now we are looking at $10k + to mitigate.  Is the landlord prepared to take this on and when? Like winter, we wonder... 

...will it ever end?

But then we have a good day or two - a bad one followed by another good.  Each new week trends upward. The occasional bad day doesn't hit so hard as we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may be a sliver, but we can see light!  We are going to make it!

Franklin Gear is getting really close to a new home; so close that I want to tell you about it.  But that could jinx the whole thing!  So hang in there!

And start thinking about getting your hands dirty!  Soon we need to start doing!  

And doing is what we do best!   We are makers - part of the fun is making the space itself!  Read on and start thinking about what you can do to help this community thrive!

Q: Bored?

A: Board!

attend this month's Board Meeting:

Thursday March 3, 2021 at 7pm


The Bessie Rowell Community Center

12 Rowell Drive

Franklin, NH

or Join us by Zoom!

Copy this into your calendar or come back here and click the link this Thursday at 7pm:

Meeting ID: 942 5260 8144
Passcode: 400668


Stop by the meeting or send me an email at [email protected] to learn more!

Meet Your Maker


Kathlene Fleckenstein

  • Craft & Art Hobbies
  • Fiber Arts
  • Stained Glass

Kathlene is a Review Appraiser with the Department of Veterans Affairs and has lived in Franklin since 2003. She is proud to serve our Veterans. Kathlene's service doesn't stop there. She has been a board member of the Franklin Zoning Board of Adjustments for the past ten years and is currently their Vice Chairperson. We didn't think she had enough to do, so we made her the President of Franklin Gear's Board of Directors.

What does she do for herself?  She pursues many craft and art hobbies, including stained glass, beading and weaving.

Her main focus is on the traditional Japanese fiber arts, particularly 


(Go ahead, click it and you'll know)

Kathlene is excited to be a part of the development of a place for the passionate to master their skills and the curious to learn and explore.

We are excited too!

What skills would you like to work on? How can you..



Many see this word and run away; they are running in the wrong direction!  Help is a two way street.  Sure we get a building, but you get pride, self esteem, new skills, stuff to do, new friends - and a tribe called community! 

We can't have a wood shop or 3D printers under a tree; four walls and a roof - kind of necessary! Help Franklin Gear to open its doors (heck, maybe you'll be the one to install them) and they will open for you! 

Think you'd like to learn a little more about the building trades? Or maybe show off the skills you already have!  Where we end up - we are either building a building or fixing one up (maybe both?).  

This is hands on. We'll have pros to guide you and ensure things are sound. The pounding in your heart might seem like fear, but it is really excitement!

Maybe you don't want to swing a hammer.  No problem!  There are so many ways you can help us move forward.

WANTED: Web & Social Media 

We have an easy to run website.  If you've mastered your own social media you shouldn't have a problem.  Our social media is primarily Facebook & Instagram, but if you want to Tik Tok be our guest!

The people helping us now also have major parts in other aspects of the organization, so our social outreach suffers.  Like the idea, but don't want to do it all, no problem. We can put people together or you can get a friend or two and run it as a team!

We'll give you the plan and some content, but don't be afraid to have ideas!  If the team has one or two who like producing videos that would be awesome!  if you don't want to be in front of the camera we can be that for you!  We just don't have the time, or skills, to edit appropriately..

Click here to go to our volunteer contact form or email me at [email protected]


For more information visit us at


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