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February 2019

Star Republican Women is a federated member club of the Texas Federation of Republican Women and serves members and communities within TFRW Region XI and Texas Senate Districts 22 and 24.

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  • February Program Details
  • Celebrating Dorothy Crockett
  • From Denise's Desk
  • Renew Your Membership
  • Red Shoe Book Club Feb. 26
  • SRW Continues Flood Victim Fund Drive
  • 86th Tx Legislature Update
  • Rep. Murr Introduces Bills
  • TFRW Legislative Day 
  • SRW Patrons & Sponsors 
  • Paid Advertisements

SRW To Meet

February 19

at Quail Point

Light Lunch 12:30 p.m.

Program 1 p.m. ​​

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Republican Party of Texas Vice Chairman Jackson to Speak Feb. 19


Alma Jackson, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, will speak to Star Republican Women Tuesday, February 19 at Quail Point Community Center.

A complimentary light lunch will be served at 12:30 p.m. followed by the program starting at 1:00 p.m.

Ms. Jackson is a long-time Republican leader, based in the San Antonio area.  She was elected as vice chairman of the Republican Party of Texas at the GOP state convention last June.

Born in Laredo, Ms. Jackson moved to Bexar County with her parents and seven siblings at a young age.  "My parents taught me and my siblings that living in America was an honor and a privilege," she said.  

Jackson served as Bexar County Precinct Chairman 1987-2016; an election judge for 10 plus years; and Senate Republican Executive Committee Chairwoman for Sen. Dist. 26 from 2014-2016.  In 2013, she was honored with the Republican Party of Texas Volunteer of the Year Award for SD26.

Jackson and her husband Christopher, a police officer and Vietnam Veteran, together raised three children and have 11 grandchildren.

Jackson started and successfully operated a daycare small business for more than 16 years, caring for her own children at the same time.  She elected to go back to college in 1995, and received a degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Star Republican Women members, associates and guests are welcome.

Marsha Lovelady, VP of  Programs

Celebrating the Legendary Life 

Of Dorothy Crockett Feb. 4


A memorial service will be held Monday, February 4 at 1 p.m. at the Church of Horseshoe Bay for Republican legendary leader Dorothy Nell Fouts Crockett who passed away January 20.

Dorothy was among a group of women in 1955 that launched the Texas Federation of Republican Women, and she served TFRW and its federated member clubs from that time forward.  Dorothy led the effort to form Star Republican Women.

Please join your SRW fellow members in honoring Dorothy at the memorial service on Monday, Feb. 4.

For more information about the legacy of Dorothy Crockett, click on the following link:


From Denise's Desk


The 86th Legislative Session is now well under way and things are beginning to happen.  Many bills have already been filed – some of them good and some of them very bad.  

Numerous bills filed in the Texas legislature seek to ban religious beliefs and force people of faith to conform to the personal and political activities of others. Those who do not comply will face fines, possible jail time, and other criminal charges.

 Here are a few examples shared by Texas Values:

HB 244 by Rep. Farrar, HB 252 by Rep. Bernal, and SB 151 by Sen. Rodriguez

  • Amends the Civil Practices and Remedies Code, the Labor Code, and the Property Code to create “sexual orientation,” “gender identity or expression” classes.
  • Administer punishments including a Class A misdemeanor and an administrative penalty of $100 per day if there is a violation.
  • Forces everyone to “support” an individual undergoing a gender transition.
  • Forces religious businesses and owners who believe marriage is between one man and one woman, including wedding vendors (photographers, cake bakers, graphic artists) to use their artistic talents for marriage ceremonies that violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.
  • Forces government contractors to endorse beliefs contrary to their religious views in order to serve their communities.
  • Forces religious homeless shelters, colleges and universities to allow biological men to sleep next to women in abused shelters or dormitories.
  • Forces private property owners to allow men access to women’s showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms and vice versa.

HB 517 by Rep. Israel

  • Allows for the government to punish counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists or other mental health providers who work with people from a Christian perspective.
  • If these providers in any way discourage homosexual behavior or the desire for a gender transition- including at the request of the client- they face disciplinary action by a regulatory committee.
  • It could force a therapist to disclose intimate details of private counseling sessions that are revealed in public court.

HB 850 by Rep. Johnson

  • Amends the Labor Code to create “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” classes.
  • Forces Christian business to pay for same-sex benefits.
  • Forces Christian business owners to allow men into women’s facilities.

SB 154 by Sen. Rodriguez

  • Forces doctors to make a sworn statement to allow an individual to receive a new birth certificate and other official documents- even if it violates the doctor’s conscience and religious beliefs on best practices and gender.
  • Creates a myriad of other legal issues which arise from the issuance of new official documents relating to one’s gender including fraud, escaping criminal prosecution, disruption of records, obtaining of licenses, passports, social security numbers, and proof of identity.

SJR 9 by Sen. Rodriguez

  • Repeals the Texas Marriage Amendment in the Texas Constitution.
  • Over 75% of Texans voted to implement the Texas Marriage Amendment.

David Fiorazo wrote in his book, The Cost of our Silence: Consequences of Christians Taking the Path of Least Resistance, “Our country has strayed so far from where we used to be morally, economically, politically, and spiritually, that the United States is hardly recognizable when you read our true, unedited history.”  Our conservative, Christian values and America, as we know it, will no longer to continue to exist if we continue to be silent.

You’ll see in another section of this Newsletter, an article written by Denise Wolfs about how to track a bill to determine if it is on the calendar for committee hearings, or voted out of committee, or going to the floor for a vote.  I strongly urge you NOT to continue to be silent.  When you learn of bills that would move us farther away from our conservative Christian roots, LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!  Contact your Senator and Representative by phone call, email, letter, or even a personal visit at the Capitol and express your opinion.

Star Republican Women will provide information on what is going on in this Legislative Session so that you can be involved with the laws being made by the people that we elected to SERVE us.  Legislators work for “We the People.”  Never underestimate the ability you have to make a difference.

Be sure to attend all of our monthly meetings so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how you can make a difference with the Texas Legislature.  Look forward to seeing everyone February 19, 2019 for our next meeting.

Denise Rives, SRW President

Welcome New Members

And Help Us Recruit Others!


We welcome the following new Star members:

Jan Browning

Sallye Johnson

Jimmie Lapham

Sam Silver

Junell Van Horn

Laura Vogel

It is never too late to join Star Republican Women. The Membership Challenge continues!  

Please ask your friends, neighbors and family members to join Star Republican Women -- as members or associates.  Bring them to our next meeting.  And if you haven't renewed your membership it is time to do so!

Dues are $25 for members and $15 for associates.  Remember, spouses can join as an associate member and attend all of our meetings.  

Click on the button below to download the membership form and recruit family and friends to become new members!

Please bring your completed membership form & your dues to our February meeting or mail to:           

       STAR Republican Women

       P.O. Box 8675

       Horseshoe Bay, TX  78657

Please don't delay!  We need to act NOW! Please mail your membership forms as soon as possible.

Kathy Stahl, VP & Membership Committee Chairman​ 

2019 SRW Membership Form

Red Shoe Book Club

To Meet February 26


Star Republican Women's Red Shoe Book Club will meet Tuesday, February 26 to discuss the book "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens.  SRW Literacy Committee Chairman Kathy Hussey will host the event at the Horseshoe Bay Resort Lantana Room from 4 to 6 p.m.

"Although this is Delia Owens’ first novel, she long ago distinguished herself as a gifted writer. In the mid-80s, Owens co-wrote with her husband Cry of the Kalahari, which was a best-selling, nonfictional account of traveling and researching Africa’s Kalahari Desert. One of the joys of that book was the Owens’ description of the natural world, and Where the Crawdads Sing is immersed in the natural world as well. The story is set in the 1950s and revolves around a young woman named Kya Clark, who is from extremely rural North Carolina. Known by others as the Marsh Girl, she lives alone in nature—but the draw of other people, and specifically love, brings her into contact with the greater world. This novel has a mystery at its core, but it can be read on a variety of levels. There is great nature writing; there is coming of age; and there is literature. Crawdads is a story lovingly told—one that takes its time in developing its characters and setting, and in developing the story. You’ll want to relax and take your time as well, and when you’re done you will want to talk about it with another reader." – Chris Schluep , Amazon Book Review

Kathy Hussey will lead the discussion about this New York Times Bestseller book.  Afterwards, attendees will participate in a C.H.A.T. (Chicks Having an Awesome Time) about a timely topic.

Even if you haven't read the book, you can attend and enjoy the conversation about the book and other topics of interest to the group.  Food and beverage service will be available on an individual pay as you go basis.

Kathy Hussey, Literacy Committee Chairman

SRW Continues Project to Assist

Flood Victims in Rebuilding Efforts


Star Republican Women continues its partnership with the Kingsland Lions Club in raising funds to help the victims of the Fall 2018 floods in Llano and Burnet Counties. The rebuilding efforts will continue throughout 2019 and perhaps beyond.


If you want to support this important cause, make your tax deductible contributions to Kingsland Lions Club and designate for Llano County Flood Recovery Committee on the memo section of your check.  Mail your checks to Star Republican Women, PO Box 8657, Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657.

Becca Marsh, Caring For America Committee Chairman

86th Texas Legislature Update


The 86th Texas Legislature convened on January 8 and will be in session through May 27.  Following is information from SRW Member Denise Wolfs on how to track legislation during the 2019 session:

If you’ve been following the news, you’re aware that the Texas Legislature is in session.  And if you have read about a piece of legislation that is of interest to you, you might want to know how easy it is to track legislation using the Texas Legislature Online (TLO) website at https://capitol.texas.gov/.

When you see a bill number cited in the newspaper (usually “HB” for House bills or “SB” for Senate bills), you can quickly find that bill from the TLO home page.  Look at the top of the center column of the home page for a “Search Legislation” box where you can enter the bill number and check the box above for “Bill Number” rather than “Word/Phrase”. 

Newspaper articles don’t always provide a bill number, but they will often mention one or more of the authors.  If that’s what you have, go to the blue tabs at the top of the home page, click on the search tab, and then click on the “Bill Search” link.  That will direct you to a more advanced search options page.  Look for the “Author/Sponsor” box, and use the dropdown menu to find the author.  Note that House members are listed first (alphabetically), then Senate members.  You may want to select both Author and Sponsor.  This will give you a list of bills authored by or sponsored by the individual you select, and you can click on the bill number to get additional information.

For example, HB 49 has been filed to end the practice of daylight savings time in Texas.  If you look up that bill, you will find a summary page that identifies the authors, etc.  You can click on the gray tabs above for additional information.  The full text of the bill is available in various formats (“Text” tab), and actions taken on the bill are also listed (“Actions” tab).  Under the “Companions” tab, you will find that HB 49 has a companion bill in the Senate, SB 190.  The “Bill Stages” tab allows you to follow the progress of the bill, and determine if it ever gets signed by the Governor and becomes a law.

A wealth of additional information is available from the TLO home page.  In the column on the right are links to “How a Bill Becomes a Law” and “How to Follow a Bill” (with more information).  On the left are links to the House and Senate committees, calendars, etc.  If you set up an on-line account, you can save your searches and get updates on status for bills or issues you’d like to follow by e-mail.  This website is worth exploring!

Murr Introduces Bill to Reform

School Finance and Property Tax 

by Representative Andrew Murr, Texas House District 53*


Recently I filed House Bill 297, legislation that would fundamentally reform school finance in Texas, eliminate the “Robin Hood” system of forced recapture on local school districts and provide direct property tax relief for land owners across our state.  The 86th Legislative Session convened on January 8, 2019, and both school finance reform and reducing property tax burdens are two pressing issues expected to be debated by legislators during the months ahead.  

I hear from constituents on a daily basis about the need for real property tax relief and this bill accomplishes that. We have seen how keeping taxes low can drive economic growth across our state, however what many Texans don’t realize is that our property tax rates are among the highest in the nation.  This isn’t acceptable and we can do better.

The largest driving force behind increasing property taxes is the school finance system in Texas. While a statewide property tax is prohibited in the Texas Constitution, local governments are often forced to raise local property taxes to fund community schools.  To address the reliance upon property taxes, HB 297 fully eliminates the maintenance and operations (M&O) taxes that are used to pay for schools and that also account for nearly half of all property tax bills.  In the place of M&O taxes, House Bill 297 would incorporate a sales tax increase to raise an equivalent amount of revenue.

We must be intentional about easing the property tax burden and addressing the broken school finance system is a big first step in doing this.  The exact amount of M&O taxes varies across different areas but this would take an enormous bite out of individual property tax bills.

Maintenance and operations taxes are also part of the recapture system in Texas, known to many as “Robin Hood”.  In this system, tax dollars are taken out of their local community and redistributed to other parts of the state.  This occurs in “property wealthy” school districts such as Llano ISD, Hunt ISD, Crockett County CCD, and Leakey ISD.

The Robin Hood system of recapture is wealth-distribution, plain and simple. HB 297 is straightforward in that it eliminates this flawed wealth-distribution model from 1993 and replaces it with a sales tax increase that allows the state to more appropriately meet funding needs for local schools with a broader tax base.  By eliminating M&O taxes and ending Robin Hood, we cut property tax bills and provide a better way for the state to meet its financial obligation to provide public education to our children.

*House District 53 includes Bandera, Crockett, Edwards, Kimble, Kerr, Llano, Mason, Medina, Menard, Real, Schleicher and Sutton Counties and covers approximately 15,000 square miles of rural Texas.  

Save the Date: April 25, 2019 


The Texas Federation of Republican Women will host its bi-annual Legislative Day on Thursday, April 25 in Austin at the Texas State Capitol.  Event and hotel reservations will open soon.

Star Republican Women will travel together to this important and fun event.  If you are interested in joining our group please let SRW President Denise Rives know.  

Volunteers are needed to help make Legislative Day successful.  Contact VP Legislation Julie Faubel at vplegislation@tfrw.org if you can help out in Austin.

Much more information will be coming our way via email from TFRW, including registration information.  If you are not receiving TFRW emails, please let our membership VP Kathy Stahl know.

SRW Patron and Sponsor Programs 

To Help Candidates & Communities

Star Republican Women thank those who have become sponsors and patrons in 2018, providing funds for Star's political contributions for the upcoming general elections and to support its Caring for America activities in local communities.

If you want to participate as a Patron or Sponsor, please click on the link below for additional information.  We welcome you recruiting others to participating in these programs as well.

SRW Patron & Sponsorship Programs




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2 Bedrooms - 2 Full Baths - Single Level - 2-Car Garage - Fenced Backyard

New Construction - Granite Counters - Hardwood Floors - Stainless Appliances

High-Quality Furnishings, including bedding, linens, cookware, dishes, utensils

View townhouse at website:  www.hsb-duplex.com

Interested parties call:

Marion and David Gardner @ 830-613-9216

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