Welcome to the August edition of Bass Coast Landcare Network's E-news. 

We are starting to feel a little spring in the air now here at BCLN and our groups seem to be too, with a spring dances and only a few community plantings left to go as we head out of the winter months.

We can see the days growing longer and slowly start to see everything growing again, which also seems to be the focus of this issue with stories and events on growing things, including timber, horticulture, enough food to feed yourself, the River Garden and great new community initiatives like Renewable Phillip Island.

This August edition also sums up some of the great things happening, new events, updates on projects, and plenty of interesting resources as well. Enjoy!

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It’s all go at Glen Forbes with 30,000 plants in 3 days!


It’s going to be a huge week in the Bass hills as Karl and Rachael Russo’s big planting days are fast approaching.

On Wednesday our BCLN Nursery Volunteers helped out with the popping of the plants out of their hico cell trays and into buckets to be transported onto site for easier handling. The BCLN works crew and staff have been busy spraying spots, pegging out the site and organising helpers in the past few weeks in preparation for the first big day.

200 Wonthaggi Secondary students put in a mammoth effort today and got 16000 plants in the ground in a few hours! Students were organized into 10 groups, each with their own pegged out area and supervised by either a Landcare staff member or Works crew member alongside their teachers. How do you do lunch for 200 hungry teenagers? With the extremely capable expertise of the Rotary club members and their BBQ trailer!  Thanks to Rotary for cooking 450 sausages, 200 hamburgers and 50 veggie burgers.

We then have Intrepid Landcare planting about 10,000 plants on Saturday the 18th of August 1130am in an event organized specifically for 18-35 year old’s. If you are in the correct age bracket register on Facebook on the Gippsland Intrepid Landcare page (link in story below).

Then just to finish off the last 4000 plants, we have a Bass Coast Shire Council partnership planting day with the Bass Valley Landcare Group and BCLN Board on Thursday the 23rd of August for a 930am start at the end of Clematis Rd Glen Forbes. Bunurong Land Council are coming along to give us a cultural induction prior to planting. Lunch will be provided at the Woolamai Racecourse.

If you would like to come along to this event, please email Dave Bateman on david.bateman@basscoastlandcare.org.au to register.

Come Plant and Dance! More than just a planting day on August 18th​


If your keen to get your hands dirty planting some trees AND have a little boogie then Gippsland Intrepid Landcare have organised the event for you! The event is for 18-35 year olds in the Gippsland region. They have jam packed the day with 4+ hours’ worth of planting, an inspirational talk, dinner, local live music and DJ's! There’s also on-site camping available. The BCLN Works Crew have been working tirelessly to spray spots and they're coming out a treat! Did we mention the view is amazing…..

For more info or to buy your ticket click here, online tickets open until 11pm tonight Friday 17th August or you can buy them at the gate on the day.

Click on the link below to find our more and book your spot. 

Still more planting days to come across Bass Coast this season!!


We now have our Community planting days calendar for this year available on the Bass Coast Landcare network website. By clicking on the planting calendar button at the side of our news and events page you can see the many days on offer right across the network. Check it out and join in on some of these great days, meet your neighbors and contribute to restoring your local landscapes. Free yummy lunches are a plenty, lots of fun and laughter are to be had. It’s a real privilege for anyone involved to be invited onto some of the best properties in Bass Coast and contribute to a really worthwhile community group effort. So many reasons to join in today! Here are the remaining days you can get involved in this season:

  • Phillip Island - Phillip Island Race Track - 18th August
  • Bass Coast Shire Council Partnership planting with Bass Valley Landcare Group and BCLN Board - Karl and Racheal Russo - 23rd of August
  • Korumburra - Chris Miller - 25th of August
  • Kongwak - Andrew Perry - 29th of August
  • 3 Creeks - Diana and Alan Holmberg - 8th of September

Click here for the full planting calendar (at the side of the news and events page) with locations and contacts to book your spot. 

Designing a profitable farm grown timber sector for Gippsland – free workshop in Korumburra


Gippsland is identified as a key region for this work for adding timber trees to multi-use farmland for both environmental and economic benefits. In the last 10 years the area of planted forest has declined. How can this trend be reversed? Listen to the experts and then let us know what you think. Expert speakers at this free workshop include: Professor Rod Keenan, a Professor in forest science leading the Next Generation Forest Planation Investment project. Rowan Reid, a tree farmer, an internationally respected expert in Agroforestry and the creator of the very successful Master Tree Grower Program. Mr Peter Smyth, manager of CERES Fair Wood.

The free workshop is on Friday August 24, 2.3-5pm at the Austral Hotel, Korumburra. To be followed by Dinner and the Gippsland Agroforestry Network AGM. Pre-dinner drinks will commence at 5:30pm, Dinner cost: $30 for classy 2-course meal plus tea and coffee. Organized by the Gippsland Agroforestry Network, a Special Interest Group facilitated by the Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network.

RSVP by Wednesday 22nd August to Frank Hirst frank.hirst54@gmail.com or mobile 0427 801 640

Now is the time for Gippsland women in horticulture


Share a day learning more about production & processing, provenance and participation on Thurs August 23, 9am-3pm at Federation University Churchill Campus. Six guest speakers and Special interest group discussions on health and wellbeing, leadership and advocacy, organic and local food, climate change and protected crops, biosecurity and beyond VegNET Gippsland. Hosted by VegNET Gippsland.

Click here for more information and to book your place.

Landcare week is nearly here!


Although we do Landcare every day here in Bass Coast, Landcare Week is the one special week every year when we as Landcarers hit the spotlight in the general public and have a chance to be recognised for all the great work we do to care for our local environments. This year Landcare Week takes place from 4-10 September and BCLN will be running a Landcare week special on our facebook page where each day on this week we celebrate the achievements of a particular Landcarer or family in Bass Coast doing great things. If you haven’t already, head on over to our facebook page, give us a like and hit get notifications to keep up to date with all the latest happenings around the region.

Click here for the BCLN facebook page to keep updated.

French Island – Growing enough food to feed yourself


Ever wondered how much space you need to grow enough food to feed yourself? Well French Island Landcare Group have the answer for you at their A.G.M. on Sunday 23rd September when guest speaker Jarrod Ruch will tell you all about it. Jarrod has 30 years’ experience in horticulture & organic food production. Previously senior horticulturist for Diggers Club and former Head Gardener at The Briars Homestead, he is currently Manager – Land and Environment at Peninsula Hot Springs. Come along and learn about: growing food in small places, space requirements and design, crop selection and rotation management, intensive fertility management and maintaining a sustainable soil.

Members, non-members and new residents all welcome, the day starts at 11.00 am at the FI Community Hall, a light lunch is provided and a garden site visit will follow in the afternoon. RSVP’s are required by 14/9/2018 with any dietary requirements and enquiries, nominations etc. to Judy Metcher or Glenys Ralph or email: filandcare@gmail.com

For more information on the French Island Landcare Group click here.

Bush Dance for Landcare this spring on Phillip Island


Can you feel a bit of spring in the air? Phillip Island Landcare group sure can and are supporting a great new event, the 'Springtime Bush Dance' to be held on Saturday October 6th at the Cowes Cultural Centre. Put this event in your diary, organised by Bass Coast Pickers /The Bass Coast Acoustic Music Club with surplus funds donated to Phillp Island Landcare to support the great work they do across the island and San Remo. This musical event is open to singles, couples, families. No dance experience needed; Dance Caller teaches the steps as we go and participants bring a plate to add to the shared supper.

For a flyer with more info on timing, music and tickets click here to get to the Phillip Island Landcare Group website page

National Landcare Conference & Awards


10th - 12th October - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
With the theme 'Landcare - Building a Better Tomorrow', the 2018 National Landcare Conference offers three days of knowledge sharing, insightful discussion, as well as informative presentations by pioneers, leaders of NRM bodies, scientists, academics, government and environmental, climate and biodiversity experts.

To Learn more and book your place click here.


Planting the Powlett​


On Saturday July 28th, near the Mouth of the Powlett River, the 3 Creeks Landcare Group ran a successful community planting day at Ray and Gill Kirks property.  Over 30 people helped plant 1000 plants along the banks of the Bridge and Woolshed Creeks on land that had only just recently been inundated by flood waters resulting from the blocked Powlett River mouth.  The planting day was sunny and still, so with the soft moist ground it made for a very enjoyable tree planting event.

Click here to find out what else the 3 Creeks Landcare Group has been up to.

Phillip Island Landcare News​


Find out the latest news from the Phillip Island Landcare Group! They have just sent out their August Newsletter with everything from new grants, events, vouchers, new projects and of course a Landcare poem from Mike Cleeland. Phillip Island members will be sent a hard copy but you can also find it at our website on their group page.

Click here for a copy of the Phillip Island Landcare Group August Newsletter.

Kongwak Kids plant Pioneer reserve​


Some very enthusiastic students and teachers from Kongwak Primary School joined a group of Kongwak Hills Landcare volunteers to plant out a section of the Kongwak Pioneer Reserve on Friday 3rd of August. Use of wallaby guards will hopefully give these new plants a good chance of survival in well-established bushland.

For more on what the Kongwak Hills Landcare Group has been up to click here.

Things that go ‘bonk’ in the night​


After rain our Works Crew see lots more frogs out and about. Commonly found in this area, Banjo Frogs, also known as Popplebonks (Limnodynastes dumerili) are a burrowing frog that can be seen often at night after rain. They’re named after the distinctive “bonk” call they make, which has also been likened to a banjo being plucked. After a month off the males are starting to call again as mating season is beginning. Have you heard these guys or seen any frogs around your place?

Click here to find out how our Works Crew services can help you.

Landcare Drought relief appeal​


We are in Australia’s worst drought in living memory. Our Aussie farmers are facing the heartbreaking reality that they could lose everything. Their families, their crops, their livestock, and their environments are suffering and they face an uncertain future. They need your help. By supporting the Landcare Drought Relief Appeal you can help Landcare groups in drought-affected New South Wales and Queensland care for farmers who are doing it tough.

Click here to donate today. 

Focus on feral cats​


On the 26/7/2018 the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio announced the declaration of the feral cat as an established pest animal on specified Crown land in Victoria under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994.

The declaration applies to areas of Crown land managed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Parks Victoria, Phillip Island Nature Park and the four Alpine Resort Management Boards. Feral cat control will be implemented by department and agency staff, and their agents, ensuring efforts are targeted to protect the threatened wildlife most at risk of predation by feral cats.

Feral cats will not be declared as a pest animal on private land, meaning farmers and other private landholders will not be required to control feral cats. Private land owners will still be able to manage cats roaming on their property in accordance with current laws.

Feral cats are estimated to kill 466 million reptiles and 272 million birds in Australia every year. Feral cats have a major impact on Victoria’s biodiversity and are one of the most significant threats to our native wildlife. The declaration is an important milestone in protecting them.

For more information and fact sheets from the Victorian Government click here.

Totally Renewable Phillip Island​


This exciting new initiative is a collaborative partnership between various local community organisations, working together towards a totally renewable and zero emissions community. Organisations on board so far are; Energy Innovation Co-operative Ltd, Phillip Island Conservation Society, Phillip Island Landcare, Phillip Island Community and Learning Centre (PICAL), Plastic Free Phillip Island and San Remo, Boomerang Bags Phillip Island and San Remo.

Potential areas of interest for the Phillip Island Landcare Group include carbon farming, building sustainable communities and reducing agricultural greenhouse emissions. Joel Geoghegan (BCLN staff), j.geoghegan@basscoast.vic.gov.au and Bhavani Rooks (PILG committee) bhavanir@tpg.com.au are our Landcare representatives on this project. Feel free to email them to further discuss this new and exciting project for our Island.

Click here to see more about this fantastic new initiative.

Visitor from Nepal​ to Bass Coast


This month we had a visitor from Nepal, Subesh Panta, who is currently studying his Masters in Community Development with Federation University. Subesh is interested in exploring the Landcare model for its applicability for use in Nepal to help tackle land management issues and encourage landholders into agroforestry or tree planting and is also looking at climate adaptation.  Subesh spent two days with us looking at key projects across Bass Coast and hearing the experiences of our staff and landholders to further his study and interest in Landcare.

3 Creeks Landcare Group: Fundraising for a good cause, your support is appreciated!


The 3 Creeks Landcare Group has acquired some excellent wine from the Gippsland Wine Co to raise funds for the Group.  Stocks are limited so please call Ray Kirk on 0491136487 or complete and email the attached order form to order your “3 Creeks” branded wine:  Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay.  $14 per bottle or $80 for 6.

For a PDF copy of this order form email 3creekslandcare@gmail.com

To find out more about the 3 Creeks Landcare Group click here.


Up to $5k available for volunteer grants​


The Federal Department of Social Services has $20M in funding available for grants to volunteers. Funding of $1,000 to $5,000 is available for purchase of equipment, transport, training and background screening of volunteers. Applications must be submitted by 2pm on Tuesday 18th September.

Click here for more information, grant guidelines and details of how to apply.

Help shape the Victorian Artisanal Agriculture and Premium Food program​


Calling all artisanal agriculture and premium food producers: complete this online survey to help shape the Victorian Artisanal Agriculture and Premium Food program. The survey provides an opportunity for all artisan food producers in Victoria to have their voice heard, and provide information about their needs, challenges, opportunities and aspirations. It will add to information provided by producers at nine regional meetings held across the state in June and July 2018. The survey is anonymous and participation is voluntary.

Click here to complete the survey.

Food for thought – Farming in Melbourne’s Foodbowl​


University of Melbourne has released a report identifying the policy challenges that need to be addressed to strengthen Melbourne’s foodbowl and the opportunities that could be leveraged, focusing on three key policy issues: protecting farmland, strengthening the viability of farming and increasing water access. As Melbourne expands, this is becoming more and more relevant for policy makers, industry, farmers and community in our Port Phillip and Western Port foodbowl region. 

Click here to download a copy of the report.

BCLN Website – New calendar page available


We have now loaded up a new calendar page on our website so you can check here for any tree plantings, events or meetings coming up right across the network.

Click here to take you to the new calendar page.


River Garden – updated community plan and map – we need your help!


You might have noticed from the highway that there has been some action happening over the last six months at the River Garden. During this time we have been working on a funded project called ‘Growing Community Growing Food at the River Garden – hands on learning days’ supported by the Port Phillip and Westernport CMA, with funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. This project hosted four successful workshops attracting 34 individuals and 69 attendances in total, with participants from various sized properties. These participants are already putting into practice some of the techniques and information they gained by being a part of these days.

The on-ground works completed as part of this project included: Swale beds, horticultural comparative trial beds, track works, irrigation, espalier trellis and compost bays. Planting of fruit trees, the start of shelterbelt/bushfood areas and nuttery and berry cane areas have also been started but we will need your help to maintain the site and also to set up other trial, education and community growing spaces too.

We are working on a new web page and starting to develop a volunteer program at the River garden too so if you are interested in being a part of this great new community space, please email Lisa on lisa.wangman@basscoastlandcare.org.au to register your interest.​

For further information and any volunteer program or workshop announcements at the River Garden please click here.

You can now offset your car emissions with BCLN


We are excited to announce our new program to encourage people to offset their car’s emissions. The way the program works is members of the community can make a donation which varies depending on the size of their car, and in return, BCLN will plant a number of native plants which will offset the emissions of that size car.

Participants will receive a sticker for their donation, which states ‘We’ve Offset our Car Emissions with Bass Coast Landcare Network’ which they can proudly place on their rear windscreen to show off their commitment to the environment. We hope to gain lots of interest and see these stickers out on the roads soon.

To offset your car emissions with BCLN click here.

Bass Coast Arc – Public Fund making projects a reality - Donate today to make a difference


The Bass Coast Landcare Network Public Fund is a regional charitable organisation focusing on conserving biodiversity in Bass Coast. We need your tax-deductible donations to help fund small projects by local community groups working with the relevant Land Managers to improve public spaces and create community access.

Under the banner of “Bass Coast Arc – Community Access to Public Space” the Public Fund aims to support local community groups doing things like: Managing pest plants and animals, surveying vegetation, repairing and upgrading infrastructure, including public tracks and fences.

Be a part of this important work - Click here to donate today!


Works Crew – Dani Carr


Dani has always had a strong connection to the natural environment, feeling happiest amongst nature. She grew up in the Yarra Valley, and completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Behavioural Science and then a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology and Conservation Biology. She worked as a Zoo Keeper at Healesville Sanctuary, a highlight being breeding endangered species and releasing them in the wild! After moving to the Bass Coast, she worked for Phillip Island Nature Parks, and is now on the BCLN Works Crew, enjoying directly making a positive impact on our land. Living on a farm, Dani is proud to revegetate sections each year for our native wildlife.

If you see Dani around say hi!

To meet the rest of our staff team, click here.

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