We invite you to register in the upcoming webinar:

How To Work/Live with a Person Who Isn't Cooperating? 

Using the principles of sustained motivation and pairing at life and work with children and teens with ASD and related conditions.


Promotional ​Fee: 29 euro for by October 6
Regular Fee: 45 euro
When: Friday, October 8, 6.30pm GMT
Facilitated by:  Gabriela Hennigan, SEN Teacher, ASD Consultant/Therapist

During the webinar you will find out:

✓ What sustained motivation is and why it is beneficial to use it
✓ How to use sustained motivation principles in work at school / therapy centre and at home in order to motivate a child/student to collaborate with you - you will learn about the benefits of using proactive behavioural principles based on case studies.
✓  Key principles of applying sustained motivation - we will analyse  those  principles step-by-step to demonstrate in practice how to use them at work or life with ASD children and teenagers.
✓ What to pay attention to while working with a child /student who does not want to cooperate and how to motivate him to participate in the activities arranged by you while achieving your therapeutic goals? – we will demonstrate the key elements necessary to contriving and maintaining motivation by ''pairing'' with a chid/student.

Gabriela Hennigan

Special Education teacher registered with The Teaching Council of Ireland, ASD Consultant, Therapist, Social Skills Trainer and Parent Coach.

In 2017-2019, a director and a lead ASD therapist at Integrative Therapies Centre for Autism Ireland.

In 2016-17, an Executive Assistant at Autism Research Institute in San Diego, California, USA. Gabriela trained in many evidence-based practices for ASD, among others at The Verbal Behaviour Institute and in the EBPs Evidence-Based Practices in UCD Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute in the USA.

Gabriela also trained in RMTi Reflex Integration, Brain Gym, Multisensory Therapy, Social Skills Training and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

As the ASD Consultant and Therapist, Gabriela uses an integrated model of evidence-based practices for autism. She currently delivers online training for parents and teachers and consultations on the educational and therapeutic methods to use at home and work with children and teenagers of any level of functioning and intellectual potential.

Below is a list of 29 online parent and teacher training courses and the areas of consultations:

Life Skills Training

Behaviour Management


Social Skills 

Emotional Regulation 

Family Wellbeing


Small-Steps & Consistency Approach

Co-morbid Conditions

Integrated Therapy Approach

Sleep Issues & Relaxation


Self-Injurious Behaviours

Safety & Wandering

Special Diets & Nutritional Support

Brain-Gut Connection in ASD

ASD & Co-Morbid Conditions 

Bullying & Mental Health 

Self-Care for a Caregiver

Reflex Integration for Emotions, Memory, Behaviour, Reading, Writing, Focus, Organisation, Comprehension, Anxiety

Pre-Verbal Skills as a Foundation for Language

Expressive Language Through Typing 

Basic Maths

Calculator Use 

Transition Management

Handwriting Skills 

Multisensory Neural Integration

Bilateral Integration

ESDM Early Start Denver Model 

Hanen Social Communication Therapy

Early Intervention

Son Rise Therapy

PRT Pivotal Response Training


RDI Therapy

Play-Based Naturalistic Social Communication Therapy

Food Acceptance Training

Bilateral Integration

Sensory Regulation

Gastrointestinal Issues

Toilet Training

Whole Brain Learning

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