Rethinking Reality

This year marks a major milestone for Linda and I.  In the 29 years that we’ve been together, making relations in the way my family shared with us, out there loving individuals into self love, we’ve really come to understand it is the family model that this community brings to the plate that matters – it’s the ingredient that Earth provides as our Mother that continues to this day.

Yraceburu EarthWisdom really started centuries ago with the spiritualists of the Apache Snake Clan, so today, it’s fitting that we’re observing rituals from the Snake Moon.  For this special YEWr Lunar Ritual edition, I have some of the most moving acts of power for you: an intentional balancing of power; transmutation of soul sickness; an exclusive experience in my journey channel; and more.  Whether you’ve been in ceremony with us or not, we’d like to invite you to join us in these sacred acts of Relationship.  I guarantee you won’t be bored and might just find what you’ve been searching for, for way too long… the meaning of Earth Family.

hiyaa gozhoo dolee… may peace flow,


Maria Yraceburu
Native American Spiritualist
Yraceburu EarthWisdom


The Way We Have Been Healed

With soul sickness we must learn – to grow whole – that we have power.  And that we can surmount challenges.  We do this by becoming more aware – revealing the dynamics of the wound, by tracking, releasing, accepting, and finding the gift of evolution.  The most important thing is seeing what is difficult as an opportunity to heal.  At some point we accept we are great beauty because of this and serve life as value.


Sunrise Uluru Rock

Prayer Above:

Every action, we are in a decisive place.


Moonrise Uluru Rock

Prayer Below:

Remembering ancient knowledge, our eyes can see a beautiful world.  All the beauty is a reflection of the complete richness we feel within.  Creator, Mother and All Our Relations are felt and seen as wondrous wisdom.  Great love is felt as words and actions become responsible and ecstasy is known.


Stalking Power Medicine Walk

Go somewhere private but easy to navigate. Land rituals suggest that Earth Mother is watching over us in our actions.  Put an offering of tobacco or cornmeal down to begin.  You will search for four power tokens that confirm who you are in this moment.   At the second sign hear the wind ask where we come from? Response - “I Come from the Earth Mother’s Love”.   What happens?


Place a bowl of water on your altar with the items you found when you get home.

Prayer to Ground & Create Relation

Intricate rituals we do.  We are the same today, the same as yesterday and tomorrow.  Each day is a new beginning in our 5th World Journey.


Place a candle on your altar - these are from our Moon Lodge in November!

Prayer of the Inner Child

It’s different.  A constellation phenomenon is seen.  This day requires the ability to be intimate in the purest meaning of the words – essential relationship.


Smudge yourself and altar -

Awakening Prayer: We stay on course.  We connect to the very Source.  We see ourselves as the transparent lines of the highest function.  We see this with deep vision.  This moment is very special, very noble,
very expansive, and very deep.

|   Journey from Maria   |

energy & truth

The journey becomes the focal point.  It acts as a gateway into the dream, into the common space of non-ordinary reality.  The circle feels the energy rise within them, transcending form and limitation.  Hands are raised, yet barely touch, and intentional energies are sent clockwise around the circle through the hands.  Allow the accumulated power of what we have done and activated, and see the bolt of energy run from one hand to the next with your eyes closed. Successful circuit implosion happens when the energy returns to beginning and connects, a second circuit is opened and "As Above So Below" Circuity kicks in and a circle becomes a container where successful healing of the Earth Soul may occur, and woman and Mother transcend the past and manifest happiness.  When we see our circuits we know Mother is Present. 


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