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Join us for the new Care Home Conversations Podcast episode with provider Noel Ngure, RN, BSHS, MS. In our conversation with Noel, we discuss family, giving back, being a business owner, nursing, leadership, training, a caring community, and more.

You won't want to miss the conversation!

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Ask Alyssa - Finding Residents


"How do I find residents?"

This is probably one of the most common questions asked of prospective and new clients.

My advice has always been to start thinking about your strategy to market your adult foster home from the very start of the process, and use a multi-pronged approach to getting your business noticed.

Marketing Your Business - Plan for Success

It's important to plan ahead and start creating your marketing plan early on in the process. It's vital to understand this is an ongoing process that will require self-reflection and planning. Consider the following questions: In what areas do you specialize? Do you specialize in care for individuals living with dementia or complex care needs? Do you offer additional services above and beyond, such as enrichment opportunities for residents? 

Marketing Your Business - Avenues

There are a several avenues for finding potential residents, for both private pay and residents receiving services through Medicaid. The list below is not comprehensive, but is a start. The options listed below provide similar services, yet are targeted to different audiences: 

  • Placement agencies and care home listing websites; 
  • Discharge planners, care/case managers, and social workers; and 
  • State or County diversion/transition programs.

As noted, with marketing the key is to have a plan and start the process early. It is also about being clear about what you offer and the benefit your services provide to future residents.  

Expanded Services to Support Our Clients

  • Marketing coaching: one-on-one coaching on marketing your care home, including creation of marketing materials;
  • Assessment of your home: in-person assessment and coaching to help you understand what prospective private-pay residents and their families are looking for;
  • Templates and Leads: to track your communication with prospective leads;
  • Direct referrals: receive direct referrals to placement professionals; and
  • Admissions packet: receive assistance with your admissions packet. 

Our clients' success if our priority, so we're excited about this partnership and this opportunity to bring additional guidance and support to our clients. 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller (disability rights advocate and activist)

Licensee Conference Call Reminder


The next licensee conference call will be Tuesday, June 21st from 10:00 - 11:00am.

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August EQC Course and August Course Bundle


August Course Bundle

We are also offering a course bundle, which includes Info. Session: Opening A Care Home in Oregon, the full EQC course, and Pre-Service Dementia Training at a discounted rate through June 30th.

August 2022 EQC Course

Get the early-bird registration rate for our August EQC course. We offer the full EQC course (EQC Essentials plus AFH Administration) and EQC Essentials only. 

August Course Bundle
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