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  • I have a challenging new maze.
  • I asked followers on Instagram if they’d like to see coloring pages based on my impromptu pen art and no one responded! Anyway, one such coloring page is free to download at the bottom of the newsletter. Let me know if you like this format or previous formats better.
  • The benefits of kids arts and crafts.

Taking Inspiration From Your Ancestors

Several months ago, I noticed my son was getting into drawing maps. I have also shared this affinity since I was very young. What fascinated me most were the paths and the things you could see along the way. They evoke a fantasy of incredible journeys in the imagination.

I thought deeply about including this affinity within my work, but honestly, it didn't seem to fit. It wasn't until I decided to drop the expectations that others have of me that I discovered an answer in the pages of the notes I kept on my great-grandfather.

Ray, my great-grandfather, was an active and hardworking man who never stopped moving. I see Ray as a sure and robust individual, skilled in habitually solving-problems. Perhaps the rugged and complex sculptural landscape of Ferron Utah's canyonlands nourished a soul, inspired to cut, scrape, shape, and piece together structures and puzzles, like the supreme architects of the chopped buttes: water and gravity.

As a carpenter, he enjoyed building things of wood. One of the more memorable objects he made was a wooden ball puzzle.

He enjoyed puzzles and mazes. I remember many of them in his home, some handmade and some not. For example, we competed with family members to get a ring off a horseshoe and chain loop. The kids enjoyed a marble run called Labyrinth by Swedish company BRIO. I also remember playing Screwball Scramble on his living room floor.

After reading my notes and considering those memories' impact on me, I designed a map-like maze.

My kids, nieces, and nephews were fascinated by the gags woven amongst the paths. They were challenged and shocked by the puzzle. Finally, I realized this was all I ever wanted. I wanted kids to wonder at my art, puzzle over it, and explore it.

I am grateful for the inspiration from my ancestors because I feel it also comes from within.

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