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August Tune In and Tune Up 

Calling All Angels​​​

As August begins, our hearts are calling for us to take action to make changes and call in special assistance from Angels above. With the past week being filled with rampages of senseless and heartbreaking events where innocent lives were taken and many seriously injured or damaged forever, it's time to raise our hearts together to "Tune In and Tune Up" to make changes. 

Today, August 5, is the prayer gifted to me from my Angel Team and is currently published in the “365 Days of Angel Prayers” book. As an Ordained Angel Minister, one of my gifted services is to bring forth more Angel messages, information, wisdom and guidance to as many people who are open to receive and take action with heart leading the way.

As I reflected upon what to share with you this month regarding the Inner Leader Movement, this message came through loud and clear:  

"Now is the time for us to open our hearts wider, radiate love stronger and stay in tune daily with the frequency of love from Above. Let’s raise the vibration of our heart's love and shine our soul’s light laser bright so that fear and senseless acts of violence can no longer take the lead. We are responsible for activating our inner leader consistently, with courage and confidence, to take actions in love and be the light."   

From my heart to yours, I offer you the Angel message of “Stay in Tune with ALL” to begin your month with trust, hope, grace and compassion. Let's tune in and tune up together and make this world a better place to live. 


Stay in Tune with ALL

by Lisa A. Clayton

August 5

"365 Days of Angel Prayers" Book

Listen and stay in tune with love melodies in your heart each day.

Be happy and joyous in listening to your heart with complete gratitude.

There are no mountains high enough that you cannot climb as your faith in our love gives you strong wings to soar.

Your connection with and belief in Angels changes your life daily…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…as you open your heart to receive Divine Love and guidance.


Love from our Angel hearts is coming to you, like a swollen river, overflowing its banks to water your heart seeds and soul with faithful promise to provide glorious passageways for your journey on earth.

Abundance flows in our river of love and creates a multitude of miracles.

Your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Loved Ones in Light form collaborate and commune with us each day in pure love devotion; sharing a common mission to reveal your soul’s song and purpose.

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Stay in tune with ALL of us.

Stay in your heart light.

Stay in your Truth.

Stay in your Divine Feminine and Magnificent Masculine, aligned by your Higher Self.

Miracles evolve naturally when you stay in tune to ALL and give gratitude for our guidance, love and messages.


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Inspiration.  Joy.  Happiness.  Fulfillment.  Confidence.  Success. 

Let's experience greater peace and higher love this month of August as we lift the frequency of heart above and beyond the fear, confusion and chaos in the world.     

"When the dark arrives, trust in love Above, your light within and keep radiating your heart with compassion and action."

~Lisa A. Clayton 

Many blessings filled with love and peace, 


Inner Leader Movement Founder
Spiritual Intuitive
Author, Mentor and Fun Activist

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