The STAR Republican News

February 2018

Star Republican Women is a federated member club of the Texas Federation of Republican Women and serves members and communities within TFRW Region XI and Texas Senate Districts 22 and 24.

In This Issue. . .

  • February Program Details
  • Early Voting Starts Feb. 20
  • Gennie's Spotlight
  • ​Please Join a Committee
  • Highlights of Trump's Speech
  • Welcome New Members
  • ​Red Shoe Book Club Selection
  • ​SRW Dictionary Project
  • SRW Patrons & Sponsors 

SRW To Meet

February 20

at Quail Point

Light Lunch 12:30 p.m.

Program 1 p.m. ​​

CLICK HERE for Upcoming GOP Events Calendar

SRW Hosts Candidate Forum Feb. 20

Star Republican Women will host a Candidate Forum, Tuesday February 20 for those seeking office in Llano and Burnet Counties.  

In addition, candidates for U.S. Congressional District 11 -- incumbent Michael Conaway and challenger Paul Myers -- will be at the SRW meeting and available to talk with attendees before and after the Forum.  

Candidates in contested races will be allowed to speak 3 minutes each and those in uncontested races may speak for 1 minute. Due to the number of candidates participating, questions will not be entertained during the Forum;  however,  the candidates will be available after the Forum to answer questions.

Following is a list of candidates in contested races that plan to participate in the SRW Forum, as well as a few who are uncontested:


County Judge:  Ronald Cunningham, Mary Cunningham

County Clerk:  Marci Hadeler, Clay Etter

County Treasurer (uncontested):  Teresa Kassell

County Commissioner, Pct. 2:  Linda Raschke, Ricky Johnson (not participating)

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1:  Bebe Piatt, Richard Owen

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3 (uncontested):  Era Marion


County Commissioner, Pct. 2:  Damon Beierle, Ryan Rowney, Tom Stephens

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3:  Carey Headrick, Jane Marie Hurst, Jeff Sellers (not participating)

Early Voting Starts Feb. 20


Early voting for the primary elections begins Tuesday, February 20 and ends March 2.

Election day is set for March 6.

For a list of all candidates seeking county and state offices, click on the button below or go to:  https://webservices.sos.state.tx.us/candidate-filing/cf-report.aspx

List of All Candidates for 2018 Primary Elections

Gennie's Spotlight


Draining the Swamp!

Seems that Washington DC is on a roll with news releases, leakages, cover ups, scandals and the list goes on. We wonder how can they possibly keep it all straight being asked questions and what media you want to tell what story to.

It is totally mind boggling to most of us. You can watch the circus 24 hours a day and stay as confused as ever. 

So, what am I concentrating on right now? Our Texas elections and studying our candidates, attending forums and trying to make the right decisions when I go to the polls. That is what I recommend to each and everyone of you.

There are so many forums scheduled in the next few weeks in Llano and Burnet County. Take advantage of them and do your homework! You will find them listed in our newsletter, announced at our meetings. Get as informed as possible before you make that final decision. Also, encourage your neighbors and families to vote. Every vote counts! 

God Bless Texas and the USA !

Gennie Ward, SRW President

 Get Involved! ​Join a Committee

Star Republican Women needs YOU!  

SRW encourages you to consider joining a committee to contribute your time and talents to help our club grow and continue to get better.  At the same time, we know you will have a lot of fun!  

Please review the list of committees below and contact the chairman of the committee in which you would like to become involved.  (Contact information is at the end of this newsletter.)

AWARDS – Chairman Charlotte Steindorf                                       

Purpose:  To encourage SRW to participate in TFRW and NFRW Excellence awards programs.

CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES – Chairman Amy Burcham                            

Purpose:  To coordinate campaign activities and help elect Republicans.  Keeps SRW up to date with information regarding candidates, campaign schedules, platforms and headquarters.  Organizes volunteers for GOP County headquarters, helps arrange “Meet the Candidates” forums and reports campaign volunteer hours to TFRW.

CARING FOR AMERICA – Chairman Marsha Lovelady               

Purpose:  To identify community needs and select one or more projects for membership involvement. Encourage volunteerism and private sector initiatives as important objectives; and keep volunteers interested and motivated.

HOSPITALITY – Chairman Kathy Stahl                                          

Purpose:  To oversee facility arrangements for each general meeting. To recruit members to provide food and beverages for complimentary luncheon at general meetings.

LEGISLATION – Chairman Kathy Hussey                                       

Purpose:  Helps keep SRW informed about important legislative issues and how members can, as individuals, stay current and lobby on issues effectively.

LITERACY COMMITTEE – Chairman Dee Patterson                   

Purpose:  To select appropriate books for presentation to public libraries, schools and other organizations in the Hill County and coordinate with TFRW and NFRW to meet requirements so the donations will qualify for awards programs. Host Red Shoe Book Club, selecting books and facilitating discussions.

MEMBERSHIP – Vice President Emily Tobin                                    

Purpose:  To recruit, encourage and mentor new members.  Provide nametags for each member and keep an updated and current roster of all members.

NEWSLETTER – Editor Mary Lou Kromer                                       

Purpose:  To compile a newsletter to provide timely information to members about club events and activities.

PROGRAMS – Vice President Denise Rives                                       

Purpose:  To provide programs/speakers who will showcase Republican principles and issues; attract new members and maintain existing members; educate and keep members updated on issues of local, state and national importance. Make meeting facility arrangements.

PUBLIC RELATIONS – Mary Lou Kromer                                  

Purpose:  To provide information and photos to local media outlets in a timely manner to gain recognition of SRW activities and promote membership and participation. To publish a directory of SRW members in all categories, a list of elected officials serving SRW membership and SRW club governance documents.

WAYS & MEANS – Chairman Marion Gardner                                   

Purpose:  To develop and execute fundraising events for SRW and promote member participation. 

Americans are Dreamers, Too

President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address on January 30, 2018, sending a strong message that it’s all about “We the people.”  We the people achieving the American Dream, standing united, supporting and building a strong military, immigration control, continuing the war against drugs and prosperity for all.

President Trump spoke about the economy being strong and at a 17 year high, and that workers are feeling the benefits of tax cuts, American wages are on the rise and unemployment numbers for  African Americans and Hispanic Americans are at all time-lows.   President Trump’s vision of building a safe infrastructure of roads, bridges and waterways with true American Grit will put the dignity of a hard day’s work back into the American spirit turning dependence into independence and poverty into prosperity.

President Trump wants to introduce legislation to work with ICE and Border Patrol to fix the MS13 and criminal gang problems to protect all citizens regardless of race, color, religion and background.   He wants to fight the drug epidemic getting tougher on drug dealers and pushers.

He introduced his Immigration Reform Package with a four-step Pillar Plan: 1) A defined path to Citizenship through work programs, education and good moral character 2) Securing the Border: keeping America safe, building a wall, ending catch and release  3) Eliminate the Visa Lottery Program making entry into this country based on skills and love and respect for this country  4) End Chain Immigration, limit the number of relatives to spouses and minor children.

New Rules of Engagements have been introduced into the Military.  We no longer tell our enemies our plans.  We are showing our strength abroad.  We are working with our allies to extinguish ISIS.  President Trump identified terrorists and ‘unlawful enemy combatants.”  He announced that Gitmo will remain open and is re-examining policies to detain terrorists.

President Trump delivered a positive message that freedom stands tall, that it is the people who have built this country, it is We the People who are Making America Great Again.  It’s about Faith and Family, not government and bureaucracy.  Our Motto is and will always be “In God We Trust.

Kathy Hussey, Legislation Committee Chairman

Don't Forget To Renew!


It's that time again to renew your membership with Star Republican Women and Texas Federation of Republican Women.  

Dues are $25 for members and $15 for associates.  Remember, your spouse can join as an associate member and attend all of our meetings.  

Please click on the button below and download the 2018 Membership Form and bring to our next meeting or mail to the address noted on the form.  We encourage you to invite your friends and family members to join as well!

Emily Tobin, VP of Membership

2018 SRW Membership Form

Please Report Your Volunteer Hours!

Star Republican Women were busy volunteering for a variety of activities during the last three months of 2017.  Please report your hours so we can record them with the Texas Federation of Republican Women to help us win awards and recognition for Star Republican Women!!

Send your hours to:  [email protected]

Amy Burcham, Chairman Campaign Activities Committee

Welcome New Members & Associates


          Genna Harris

          Debbie Lambert



          Reagan Lambert


Red Shoe Book Club 

To Meet March 27


Star Republican Women's Red Shoe Book Club will meet Tuesday, March 27, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Lantana Room at the Horseshoe Bay Resort.

 The featured book will be "The Little Paris Bookshop" by Nina George.

The book’s main character is Monsieur Perdu, who is a literary apothecary. He prescribes novels for the hardships of life from his floating barge bookstore on the Seine river in France. He mends broken hearts and souls.

“This is a love letter to books and meant for anyone who believes in the power of stories to shapes peoples lives.”

The discussion will be led by our 2018 Literacy Committee Chairman Dee Patterson.  

The book review will be followed by a C.H.A.T. (Chicks Having an Awesome Time) about a timely topic and led by Legislation Committee Chairman and Secretary Kathy Hussey.

We hope you will wear your red shoes and join us for a lively time of sharing our thoughts and views about this intriguing book. 

Dee Patterson,  2018 Literacy Committee Chairman

SRW Donates Dictionaries

To Local Elementary Schools

Star Republican Women recently donated dictionaries to third graders at Spicewood Elementary in Spicewood and Colt Elementary in Marble Falls.  The SRW Literacy Committee project has become an annual event for our club and supports TFRW's Dictionary Project.


(Left Photo)  2017 Literacy Committee Co-Chairmen Carole White (left) and Leah Santry (right) joined Susan Cox, principal of Spicewood Elementary.

(Right photo)  Erica O'Connor, principal of Colt Elementary (left) thanks 2017 Literacy Committee Co-Chairmen Leah Santry and Carole White for the dictionaries presented to her third graders.


SRW Patron and Sponsor Programs 

To Help Candidates & Communities

Star Republican Women announced two new programs to help raise funds Star's political contributions for the upcoming 2018 elections and to support its Caring for America activities in local communities.

The SRW Sponsorship Program provides candidates, elected officials and small business owners to gain visibility among our membership through advertising in our newsletter, directory, website and membership meetings.  Sponsorships range from $100 to $200 annually.  Proceeds are typically directed toward political contributions to Republican candidates in general elections; however, participants can choose an option for their sponsorship funds to be directed to Caring for America projects.

The SRW Patron Program is aimed at raising funds for Star Republican Women's Caring for America and/or Literacy Programs.  For a contribution of $100, an individual can be recognized as a SRW Patron in our newsletter, our website and at our meetings.

If you want to participate as a Patron or Sponsor, please click on the link below for additional information.  We welcome you recruiting others to participating in these programs as well.

SRW Patron & Sponsorship Programs



Pol. Ad. paid for by Richard Owen Campaign


Pol. Ad. paid for by Marci Hadeler Campaign


Charlotte Hewitt

Kathy Hussey

Mary Lou Kromer

​Lynn Snider Lane

​Denise Rives

Gennie Ward

2018 SRW Officers

President                    Gennie Ward      [email protected]         325-247-4078

1st VP/Programs       Denise Rives          [email protected]        432-638-7808

2nd VP/Membership  Emily Tobin      [email protected]        214-578-5986

Secretary                     Kathy Hussey            [email protected]       325-423-0418

Treasurer                     Caron Drake     [email protected]     832-498-6002

2018 SRW Committee Chairmen

Awards            Charlotte Steindorf    [email protected]        830-596-0029

Hospitality          Kathy Stahl             [email protected]           832-472-5437

Bylaws               Louraine Robertson           [email protected]               830-598-6660

Parliamentarian     ML Kromer          [email protected]            830-596-7061

Caring for America    Marsha Lovelady  [email protected]   432-238-9428

Chaplain              Shannon Thomas           [email protected]              409-673-0434

Legislation          Kathy Hussey                 [email protected]          325-423-0418

PR/Newsletter    Mary Lou Kromer     [email protected]           830-596-7061

Ways & Means   Marion Gardner   [email protected]     830-613-9216

Literacy                Dee Patterson                [email protected]                 210-748-7565

Campaign Activity Amy Burcham   [email protected]    210-296-7426

 2018 TFRW Regional & District Leadership

Region XI Deputy President        Gail Teegarden        [email protected]    

SD24 District Director                  Zenia Warren          [email protected]

SD 22 District Director                 Merryl Wash           [email protected]

NOTICE:     Political advertising paid for by Star Republican Women PAC, Treasurer Caron Drake, P.O. Box 8675, Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657. SRW is a non-profit organization under Section 527 of the IRS Code.  Contributions to Star Republican Women PAC are NOT tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income purposes. Corporate contributions are not permitted. Not authorized by any candidate or committee.   EDITOR:  Mary Lou Kromer – 830-596-7061 [email protected]