[YEWr Lunar Ritual]

September 25, 2022 • Flicker September New Moon


I'm still standing…
a querky Elton John song

flew into my brain this morning as I was thinking about last night's TurtleWomyn's Moon Lodge Ceremony last night, and the EarthCeremony we do on zoom, the night before.  Last night completed the 50th time I have facilitated this particular ceremony!  And I'm still standing.  Yep and what I know is that we are being offered the chance to actualize our own identity in relation to our attitude, character and personality.

I'm happy with mine… how about you?


Each woman was smudged as the Drummer Chanted the Directions

Prayer processioning in to Circle: Dear Ones, we go beyond our end and are involved and connected to Totality.  We offer our very selves in love, all that we are and just as we are, as we need to be.  In this way, scattering is reversed, and our minds join as one.


The Road was Closed and the Container Made Strong…

This brought us into 5th World reconnection to our Star Lineages, to our intuitive knowing… the Re-turning of Earth to the Pleiades. 

Prayer: We walk life, making it as easy for ourselves as possible.  We do what is natural and comfortable.


Our sacred altar was co-created…

items being separately placed, and medicine bowls placed under individual participants' chairs.  These relayed the pulses of energy between the individual owner’s center of creation (12th kyong) and the central altar portal created by the group. 

Prayer: Seven Stars, the children return.  Choice is our right; it is our deepest responsibility.  We choose to Dream Reality into beginning.  We engage.


empowerment birthing power

Initation Fire: each woman was invited to stand individually at the fire and give voice to themselves as a gift to the world.  


Since around 8 in the morning

our family (mayan origin extended) recipe for cacao had been brewing.  It is now served with a Toast…

We take cacao!  We celebrate our works of life, love and evolution.  A new world infancy… our destiny has begun.

I'm still standing…

  • in awe of individuals awakening and the power generated that helps the Earth Mother
  • grateful for the path my ancestors have placed me on, and that you have chosen to walk with me
  • the fortitude to stand in who I am through the many years of outside judgement & non-understanding
  • as maria naylin iskinihi naakai ts'ilsoose ka'maka yraceburu, storyteller and dreamer

I've been sharing these ways for as long as I can remember.  They have played such an important part in my work and life.  Recently I was told no one would read this far…   Let me know at [email protected] if you made it.  And thanks for reading!


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