Hi Light Family!

Happy belated New Moon and SOULar Eclipse! Although I didn't get to see the event, boy did I feel it. In fact, the entire eclipse passageway was incredible for many reasons. Yes, it was brutal, intense, crucial, magical, freeing and physically activating in so many levels. In fact, the last 8 days or so have been one of the most physically intense weeks of my life. I was all over the place, my body was burning up, aching all over, I was flushing, I was crying, I was sleeping and all I could do is keep supporting in any way that I could. Your body literally becomes everything, it becomes your Sacred Home, it becomes your Inner and Divine Child, it becomes everything you focus on, it becomes so incredibly important because you understand just how much your LightBody holds.

Your LightBody is where we hold all of our deepest emotions, it is what houses the codes to your outer reality, it holds all the information that you will ever need, it holds your Pure Power, it holds your remembrance and every time that you honor it, it honors you by activating more of your Soul deep within you. As you activate and integrate the most sacred part of who you are, you literally have the ability to create wonders, magic, miracles and massive amounts of change not just in your world, but the ENTIRE world and collective.

Your ability to connect, communicate and listen to your LightBody/Soul is one of the most important keys of this entire journey.

It's time.

It's time to reconnect back to the Light you have inside and awaken every part of you. Since the moment we incarnated here, our bodies were dormant, they have been asleep, suppressed, oppressed and in a complete coma state. We don't remember who we are, where we came from and what we came here to do, yes it gets pretty intense at times because we live our entire lives so disconnected from ourselves. However, this time is ending for all of us. This is the time that we've been waiting and training for a VERY long time. We finally get to remember and set ourselves free from the unconscious life we have been living through reconnecting back with our body. Yes, the answer has been literally right under our noses and we didn't even know it.

Take a moment right now as you're reading, to bring yourself back into this space, back into your body, back into this moment. When you are fully in the moment, you're fully connected to your body and vice versa. Your body connects you with every realm, every dimension, every remembrance that you house and hold inside. The heavier the remembrance the heavier that part of the body, the lighter the remembrance the more freeing your body feels. This is about connecting with every part of the body so that you can free yourself from every memory, illusion, experience, belief that is not pure. This is about seeing it all and feeling it all with your entire body so that more and more of these energies get released and cleared from your entire body template.

Yes, your body template holds old earth structures and systems in place. It has an intricate system of fear based realities, perceptions and beliefs that make up everything and everyone around you and keeps this old system alive. As you dive deeper into your body and everywhere it is still upholding the old earth system, the more you are going to be able to clear it all out from every level that it is functioning from. The good thing is that you don't need to know it all right now, your body will guide you to different parts of the body, different emotions, new awareness that will assist you in feeling and clearing more from within the body. Everything in your reality is showing you in every moment something that is still upholding the old or creating the new and this is where being present, being observant and aware of everything that happens in your world is going to be really important. Everything has clues, messages for you that will tune you into a specific part of the body or an emotion that you need to look at so that you can dive deeper and dissolve what no longer is serving and supporting your Light. 

The more you dissolve old earth constructs from the body, the more space you will have to hold the magical New Earth ones. Yes, New Earth also has a matrix system, in fact every dimension has a grid aka matrix that upholds that level of consciousness. Your body is what houses that matrix system and the more you choose to hold your Light the more magical your reality becomes.

In order to continuously create New Earth from within our bodies, we have to become more aware of everything we hold inside. We have to fully relax all of our muscles (yes, muscle toning and building goes out the window during this phase), our bodies have to constantly clear and re-tune based on the frequency that is received. Yes, this reality is nothing like the old, in fact it is completely the opposite from the old. For many that may be a bit scary and frightening because we lived our entire lives from the old constructs but the more you let those go and release yourself from 3D slavery the more you're going to realize that you weren't truly happy there to begin with. 3D was fake, it was a lie, it kept us all living a lie, hiding our Light, suppressing who we are, killing our dreams and creating a version of ourselves that was opposite of who we were. 3D is no longer going to be sustained by our bodies, it is just too heavy and it creates a dis-ease within all of our organs and systems that literally kills the body.

As you start to remember more and more and more you will start to support the old less and less and less. You are going to start to embrace who you truly are, you are going to start to open up your heart, you'll start to be more emotional, you'll start to become more aware of every place you were not yourself and everyone that does not support your Light. This is no longer going to be a world where the old distorted belief system rules our lives, but it takes each and every single one of us to change it and in order to change it we have to see just how distorted this system is.

In the days, weeks and months to come you will start to see within your own reality the structures that held you back, the rules that enslaved you, the people that do not respect our Soul and everywhere we gave our power away. Yes, it will bring a lot of emotion to the table, yes, it will be ugly and painful to see some of this stuff, but it is necessary because then we are able to change things and bring them back to how they are suppose to be. It's important to remember that everything we get to see is not separate from us, we have all been part of that system, we've all played every part in every existence, we've all been the narcissists, and the murderers and the power-hungry ones, we've literally played every single role so this isn't about pointing fingers and playing victim roles although that is a whole other program that we have to clear. Yes, feel the pain, the hurt, the betrayal, the anger and every emotion that comes up for you (Schisandra and Ashwagandha will assist your nervous system during this phase), so that you can clear it from the body. And then remember who you truly are inside and that we all chose this experience to begin with. We all choose our roles, we all choose our experiences long before coming into this body because we knew that that experience was going to wake and shake us to our core and assist us in realizing just how powerful we really are.

Coming back to peace inside is what this is all about, but in order to hold it with your whole body, you have to feel all the places where you don't hold peace inside, where you feel the anger, where you feel the hatred, where you feel your deepest fears. This is a journey that we all have to go through especially right now. The old earth that we once thought was true, that we believed in, is coming to an end, and yes it will rock you and shake you because it may feel like your home is collapsing and you may want to try to save it, but this home was not your real home to begin with. It was a construct of our minds that made us believe that it was the most amazing and supportive house but in reality it was hell. It was our own purgatory and prison and because we didn't know any better we believed it was our only choice. Things are different now. You are waking up and remembering that hell is not who we are and we are now ready to choose Light, Love, Peace, UNITY and joy.

Our bodies are assisting us every step of the way. Allow it. Yes, it may not be super comfortable at times but the more you surrender to it, the faster the process will be and the more magical your reality will shift itself to reflect back the purity that you hold.

It's time to reclaim the Heaven you hold inside.

It's time to live as the Pure Light that you are.

It's time to open up all the magic that is already within you.

Are you ready?

I know you are but you have to choose for yourself.

To support you in this journey I will be hosting my weekly group guidance and activation session tomorrow, Sunday 6/13 at 2 pm CST/ 8 pm GMT. For more info on the energy exchange, click below:


With that, I am excited for all that is to come and all that we are opening up to become again. Keep going, keep allowing, keep honoring your body and journey above all and you'll start to see your entire Universe shift and change to support you as well.

In peace and gratitude,

Samantha SolBright ☼

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