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Okay been having problems all day working on this, so going to load it up to send, and not put much of a personal note in today.  But did you know that some kind of handshake technology that is in almost everyone's system, including phones and stuff… went caput yesterday?!  No s---.

So I'm gonna turn you over to Flicker before it's too late, and we'll talk more in the Frog!



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Our next multiple day ritual will be during the December Raven Full Moon.

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The Legend of
Peace Tree & Flickier

Long ago, the Peace Tree, was suffering from an intense itching caused by grubs and beetles burrowing beneath his bark.  Though he had many arms and fingers, he could not scratch himself.  The itching became unbearable, and all that he could do was to writ in discomfort and torment.  He could do nothing by himself to relieve his suffering!

Watch… listen…



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morning prayer/affirmation

… in the morning with your hot beverage, raise a cup and toast the morning, then watch for a greeting from nature back.  … in the evening offer gratitude and find blessing before turning in from your busy day.

Greet the Sun

I teach how to live in the dynamics of time.  Life for joy.  Life for quietness. Life to be in the moment. Everyone then becomes Peace.  This then is my gift to the world.  I am a Guardian.

Thank you Grandfather for another good day in my life!

Honor the Moon

The power of slowing down brings a quality of attention, free from the distractions of my ego.  Once a Rainbow Warrior, I become a Life Dreamer, taking on the task of transcending the time-space duality.  I move beyond the circle and spiral perspectives into the web of multidimensional realities.  To make this shift I co-create with my Guide and the energies of Changing Mother Earth, a new system of perceiving.  I place myself within the doorway of shifting vibration.  I face the unknowing, greeting each experience.  I learn the paradym of infinity.

Thank you Grandmother for another good day in my life… and so it is!

… in this way Grandpa taught me the Ancestors swept our path clean of that which is not ours with two feathers of black and white, with white coral and turquoise attached… and so ends another good day in life.

Color & Connect


We share a journey of experience. The misty rainbow arc of shimmering colors lingers before it disappears into the net of memory. Flicker Dancing Light is the rainbow connection which allows self to communicate with Higher Self. Through its rituals we can hear and feel and see what language seeks to express through metaphor. Within ritual, meaning is directly experienced. Ritual allows us to see myriad patterns within the network of a greater whole. The process is a path of rainbow light to the power of imagination and intuition. It leads us to the totality of All That Is.
    The words of celebration to oneself are a part of empowerment. What we battle is our own Shadow of Fear. We explore life affirming celebration with positive results and use it in our daily lives as well, we re-turn the wheel to nurture the connection we have discovered. Celebration of this nature strengthens our resolve to walk a path of balance and harmony with All Our Relations.
    We are comfortable. We are supported, resting easily. We breathe... allowing the energy of life to flow through us. We are the soft blue clouds. We are azure softness. We feel the sensations of motion. We gently relax. We find peace.
    After all, we have a strong sense of humor, and the Shadow has become a bore. We have gathered with family, and for a moment in time, we have perpetuated healing life.



Earth Ceremony • Registration Closes November 15th



EarthCeremony • October 16th • 6-9 pm • ZOOM


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Holy Smoke

We listen to what we feel, and learn to trust our decisions.  Light some smudge and sit a candle behind it, where the evening light can hit them both.  Watch the smoke, trust where it leads you.  The balance of intellect and reason join you as the sunset, the candle and the smudge smoke entwine.  Integrate your inner knowing, gain wisdom, vision and clarity through a prayer.

Let your vision eye float to imagry.  Ask to be shown the next step to living fuller, enjoying the innocence of who you truly are inside, and how to bring play and laughter into your life.  Now is the time, as we prepare to cross the threshold into the new solar cycle in November, to re-turn the Earth, and the dream of simpler moments. 

Think about a moment that will be remembered always as your happiest.  Watch the smoke as you think of the memory.  The sensation of your memory as you feel it, joins with the smoke, and slowly merges with the breath of life… all life, encompassing the planet with that sensation you are feeling as you do this.  Smile.  Let the sensation of love flood you.

When you're ready, say thank you, knowing that you have just sent calming love into the life force of this planet, our Mother, and she in turn, has sent it forth to All Our Relations, magnified 13:20.











Spring Equinox Ceremony COVID 2021

It's Definately Been Different

And yet the same.  As we move into a new time for humanity, we look at how we've managed to still come together, to still celebrate our place of Origin… the Earth.  taanaashkaada… Coming Together in Responsible Action We Have, and Continue to Make a Difference.