I wish someone would’ve told me this sooner…

For years, I worked at healing my issues with trauma.

I found so many pieces to myself.  I loved the world that was unfolding…but I knew there was something… SOMEONE missing that I needed to find so I could heal beyond my story!

Well the inner child and learning to play back in the early 90s has come to fruition this year >>. Safe space. Inner Child Tree House.  Banyon Tree portal memories.

When I found little Linda, I felt like my heart gushed.

Today’s video shares some of the work I’m doing on:
> My inner child’s safe space - a fairy banyon tree, reminiscent of Aunty’s Miracle in Hawaii
> Listening to what your kid wants and keeping your adult out of the way
> The importance of inviting your inner child to regular play dates…

You can join me in these play practices to reunite you with your inner child… starting today!

loko monogosee… from the light of my heart!

PS.  A confirmation for this project came today, when Maria and I were watching the finale of America’s Got Talent and the song The Prayer was sung.  This was my cradle song when Aunty Kalei and Uncle Woody adopted me as their spiritual child.  Neither walks on this side anymore, but as next week my inner 6 year old turns 7, they touched me with their love for my birthday.  Happy tears flowed.

Online Course…


My Self Paced Internship of BodyWisdom is now open for registrations.  I will be taking on four students for 1:1.  In this way, I learned tlish diyan SpiralDancing Life from Maria, and Jin Shin Jyutsu is from Mary Burmeister.  This is the oldstyle of teaching, where healing retention is the victory!  Voice your intention while there is space by clicking on the graphic.

San Diego Fun in October

all you need is a sense of adventure and a camera!