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Cory's Pinecone Mound

​Look at the treasures I found:

  • Once again, I wanted to try something new with you. This week's free activity is an outdoor scavenger hunt to get kids working in the garden and yard.
  • I have a few activities at my shop for Mother's Day, such as a Fill-in-the-Blank gift for Mom, Grandma, or Auntie​ and a coloring page to get them started on a cute portrait.

My Little Landscapers

I have four permanent landscapers. They never do what I want them to, but to be fair, they don't get paid. Their landscaping techniques frequently cost me money. However, I love them dearly and wouldn't trade them for anything.

My landscapers are my three kids and a dog. They do so much re-landscaping that my entire weekend landscaping plan is to fix what happened over the week.

Like most parents, you probably want your kids to help out around the house, clean up after themselves, and help out with chores. But what about when it comes to landscaping?

Here's what I do:
One of the easiest ways for kids to help in the garden is by picking up any stray leaves or sticks that may have blown in. This helps keep your gardens looking neat and helps prevent pests and diseases. The benefit for children is that they get the chance to "explore" the garden and collect nature's treasures while they're at it!

Sometimes, if they feel less motivated, I make cleaning the garden a scavenger hunt (see the bottom of this newsletter.)

Another excellent way for kids to help in the garden is watering plants. This is an ideal task for younger children as it's not too strenuous, and they can immediately calculate the results of their hard work by looking at the moist dirt. Just be sure to supervise them closely for plant overwatering.

If you have older kids, they can help with more hands-on tasks like planting and weeding. Most kids need motivation for these tasks, so let them choose which flowers or vegetables they want to plant, and then help them get started. Next, let them tend their zones over the year.

Just like working inside the home, working outside may help kids develop respect for your landscaping. Get them involved in your yard this year, and watch as they take pride in their work.

xx Cory

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