Spring 2018

“You can cut all the flowers,

but you cannot keep spring

from coming”

-Pablo Neruda

Hi there,

I hope you all are having a wonderful spring so far. I must admit, it's my favorite time of year and sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the bursting of colors, smells, and sounds of spring. I find myself stopping my car often to gasp at the beauty, wishing I could freeze time to take it all in. Here in Sonoma County, CA it's that precious moment when the rolling hills are vibrant, emerald green right before the scorching days of summer turn them golden. I love the breaking through of new life and potential but, I have to remind myself - it's only temporary, be still, appreciate what's here, now

The earth keeps spinning. The cycles unceasingly continue on. And so it is. 

Gratefully, the beginning of this season was marked with the Silent Retreat my mom and I led earlier this month at Open Sky Retreat Space. We shared a wonderful day of deep practice, rest and rejuvenation. There's talk of hosting another one soon so we'll keep you posted.

In the more immediate future, there're two upcoming 'Wellness Hikes' on the mornings of May 12th at Shell Beach & May 27th at Armstrong Woods. These events are super fun and are like mini-half-day-retreats with hiking, yoga, meditation, and home-cooked seasonal food. See more details below!

Also, below check out the 'Spring Millet Salad with a Creamy Dill Dressing' recipe to satisfying your taste buds and learn more about why, according to Ayurveda, millet is recommended in the springtime.  

Enjoy the birth of spring and the  inner and outer growth that is  taking place wherever you are. 

Sending hugs from afar!




Ayurvedic Health Consultations    

Ready for a Spring Cleanse?

Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with nature and adjust our diet and lifestyle practices throughout the cycles of the year. Springtime is when our bodies are naturally cleansing and we can assist this process with particular foods and herbs that are most balancing for our unique constitution. By becoming aware of our constitutional tendencies we can better care for the ever changing needs of our body, mind, and spirit. 

*Schedule an Initial Consultation to discover your Ayurvedic Constitution or begin the process of receiving a Customized Spring Cleanse.


Ayurvedic Cooking + Meal Delivery

Need a break from cooking? Looking for a chef for a special event or retreat?

Sometimes food shopping, prepping, and cooking can feel daunting - especially if we're not sure what foods are best for us. If you're needing a little support you might want to try an Ayurvedic cooking lesson or receive a ready-to-eat, local, organic meal at your door step. 

*Sign up for a personalized meal plan, cooking class, or meal delivery package. I'm also available for menu design and cooking for large groups.



Yoga Nidra 

Wednesdays 10-11:15am 

Gentle Yoga Flow

Thursdays 6-7:10pm 

Regular classes are held at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness in Santa Rosa, CA. No prior experience is required and drop-ins are welcome. Yoga mats and props are provided. Please contact me​ to reserve your spot. 

Sonoma County Wellness Hikes 

There will be two 'Wellness Hikes' this spring led by Katrina Ius and Camina Gillotti. The first one will be a shorter, easier hike and will include mindful movement, an elemental meditation practice, tea and a light snack. The second event will start with an intermediate hike, followed by outdoor yoga, and includes an organic, seasonal lunch. All ages are welcome. 

May 12th at Shell Beach ~ 10-12pm 

  • 30-minute hike + gentle movement + elemental meditation + tea + snacks 

May 27th at Armstrong Woods ~ 9:30am-1pm 

  • 1-hour+ intermediate hike + outdoor yoga + organic seasonal lunch  

Check out 'Wellness Hike' photos at Camina Gillotti Wellness Facebook page.  Please RSVP to at least one week prior to the event to reserve your spot(s) and to receive more details about the location & cost. 


According to Ayurveda, springtime is mostly considered the kapha season (depending on where you live) and it's the time of year when the earth and water elements have increased. This can lead to heaviness, sluggishness, water retention, and excess mucus. A common analogy is that it's like the sun melting the winter snow causing water to flow and rivers to flood. Because of this excess water, drying foods can be helpful (depending on your constitution and current imbalances, of course!). Millet is one of the more drying grain-like seeds that can aggravate vata in excess or in the colder and dryer months, but in the spring it can be a nice, light, alternative to rice or other heavier grains. Millet is gluten-free, alkalinizing, and high in protein (22 grams per cup). 



Vegan + Gluten Free. Serves 2-4



1 cup millet
1 bulb fennel, thinly sliced
Large handful fresh pea pods, peas removed and rinsed
1 bunch pink radishes, thinly sliced
2 spring onions, white and green parts thinly sliced
1 + cups fresh herbs (dill, mint, chives, etc.)
Lemon zest


1/3 cup sunflower seeds, soaked overnight
1/2 cup packed fresh dill
Juice + zest one lemon
1 clove garlic, optional
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil|
1/3 cup water, as needed, to thin
Salt + Pepper to taste


Cook the millet. First, rinse, drain, and soak the millet (for a least a couple hours) then toast in a small pot over medium heat until fragrant and toasty, about 2-3 minutes. Then add 2 cups water and a pinch of salt. Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce to a simmer until water is absorbed, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat, let sit  for a few minutes, then fluff with a fork. Let cool.

To make the dressing, place all ingredients except for water in a small high speed blender and blend until smooth, adding water as needed for desired consistency.

Toss cooled millet with sliced fennel, peas, radishes, spring onions and herbs. Add in a big scoop of dressing, toss to coat and combine. Add more as needed. Finish with a little olive oil and fresh lemon zest. Recipe and food photos by:​.

Other photos: Gianna Keiko Photography


"Harmonize with Nature, Walk a Path of Balance"