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Linda and I have made the conscious choice to take the event calendar listings out of our emails to you.  From now on when you get our regular mailings, it will be from us because we love you.  These periodic calendars of events are going to be emailed about once a month.  Save it so you have the links, or print and post to your refrigerator like I do. 


JULY 11th -  SEPTEMBER 21st 2022 -

As a community, we coordinate an intregral series of community presentations, simultaneously educational, inspirational and healing – all grounded in the teachings & practices of the Yraceburu Family – offering individuals the opportunity to be part of, and make a difference, in a powerful and empowering action of self fulling gratitude for life. 

(all times are pacific standard)

Introductory Course Work



  • PermaPeru Retreat (Mark your calendar - info coming soon!)
    November 8th-13th • Peru

Ongoing Apprenticeship & Internship

  • SpiralDancing Life w/Maria Yraceburu & crew
    registration open year round • Online • Meets once a month
    • Earth Life - 1st Penseh 32 months
    • Earth Healing - 2nd Penseh 28 months
    • Earth Priesthood - 3rd Penseh 18 months
    • Earth Storytelling – 4th Penseh 48 months


Immerse yourself in Yracébûrû EarthWisdom and learn the power of Earth's Love in Spirituality & Healing.  This is Family.

Earth Wisdom can be described as a number of indigenous traditions and skills that have been gathered in one family known around the world as Yracébûrû. The reality of Yracébûrû asks you to consider that which has been deemed impossible, as a growing reality. Yracébûrû EarthWisdom is classified as a body of teachings that have transcended time. As lineage keepers, Maria and Linda Yracébûrû -- also known as the shimas, or Earth Auntys -- are among the trusted guardians of other lineage Elders. The name “Yracébûrû” is simply used as a brand for this style of family. With so many years of development, Yracébûrû EarthWisdom and its rich heritage has become one of the most widely recognized eco-spiritual families around the world.

Yraceburu EarthWisdom relies on volunteerism and charitable contributions to make ends meet. Given our costs and the number of people we serve, our requested charitable contribution thresholds
reflect the minimum amounts we must receive to break even.

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