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2020 Honey Now Available!

Raw, delicious honey from the 2020 beekeeping season from each of these apiaries is now available in my store. 

August bee update

It has been a very busy Summer for my bees and me. This year I tended hives in four separate apiaries - my original second story porch site, Historic Congressional Cemetery, Common Good City Farm, and on a rooftop at Union Market. Just about every weekend I was up to my elbows in a beehive somewhere around town.

Beekeeping during a pandemic has its challenges. Social distancing guidelines have made it difficult to work with fellow beekeepers and mentees. Most of the sites where I keep bees were closed at the start of the pandemic and some remain so. Having to coordinate with site managers to access the hives has made me a more organized beekeeper. Supply chain disruptions made it hard to get needed beekeeping equipment and supplies.  But the Mother Nature and the bees kept working and it was nice for me to have the bees to look after when everything shut down.

Our weather was challenging too. That string of more than twenty 90-degree days in July was exhausting, but was perfect for my solar wax melter. Each morning I would fill the melter with bits of wax I'd scraped out of my hives and wax cappings from past honey harvests. As the wax melted, it would drain into a bread loaf pan at the base of the melter leaving the dirt and debris affectionately known as "slum gum" behind. The wax loaf cooled overnight and I'd extract it the next morning when I re-loaded the melter with another batch of wax to process. So far this Summer I've cleaned about 30 pounds of wax.


Wax piled into the melter. Empty loaf pan at bottom of image.


After a day in the sun, clean beeswax collects in the loaf pan.


The melter set up and ready to go to work.


Clean beeswax ready to use for candles and other projects.

Recipe of the month: Grilled eggplant with chili and honey

In our house, this is our go-to way to enjoy eggplant​. Recipe from "The River Cottage Veg Everyday" cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Macro image showing the honeycomb like structure of this light, aromatic crunchy candy topped with flakey sea salt..

Featured items

2020 Honey is now available! Come take a look!

Pillar candles (3 x 5") with carved scrolls in green, red and natural beeswax (other colors available).

Le Droit Park

Trio of evergreen tree candles in small, medium and large. Available in green, red, purple, sea glass and more.

Capitol Hill

Large and small wise owl candles in sea glass (other colors available).

Capitol Hill


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